Escribano from Spain integrates Guardian Remote Weapon Station on Bulgarian Special Forces vehicles

According to information published by the Spanish company, Escribano on January 12, 2022, Escribano Mechanical & Engineering has delivered and integrated its GUARDIAN Remote Weapon Systems on Guardian Xtreme 4x4 tactical armored vehicle build by IAG's Bulgarian company.
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Escribano Guardian RWS Remote Weapon Station mounted on Bulgarian Special Forces Guardian Xtreme 4x4 armored vehicles. (Picture source Escribano)

According to information released by the Spanish company Escribano, the first four GUARDIAN RWS (Remote Weapon Station) has been integrated on 4x4 tactical armored vehicles Guardian Xtreme used by the Bulgarian Special Forces. In the coming months, another eight GUARDIAN RWS are being expected to be incorporated.

The Guardian is a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) fully designed and manufactured by the Spanish company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering. It is a 2-axis gyro-stabilized RWS that can be operated during day and night conditions and can be easily integrated on light wheeled or tracked armored or tactical vehicles.

The Guardian RWS can be armed with a machine gun up to 12.7mm caliber or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. The turret is equipped with an electro-optical system with an independent Pan &Tilt subsystem, integrated by a thermal camera, a day sight camera, and a laser range finder. A laser pointer can also be included.

The picture released by Escribano shows that the RWS has been integrated on Guardian Xtreme 4x4 armored vehicle developed and designed by the UAE-based company IAG (International Armored Group), but manufactured in Hungary by SAMEL-90.

The Guardian Xtreme is a 4x4 combat vehicle in the category of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) produced by the Company IAG (International Armored Group) with headquarter in the United Arab Emirates.

The Guardian Xtreme in 4x4 configuration is able to accommodate up to 10 military personnel including driver and commander. The troop compartment at the rear is fitted with four anti-mine blast seats on each side facing each other. The vehicle provides standard protection STANAG 4569 Level II blast and ballistic protection including the engine bay. It can be upgraded to Level III armor protection including front, sides, rear, and roof. It offers mine protection STANAG 4569 Level 2a and 2b, against blast explosion of 6 kg TNT charge under the wheels and the center of the floor.