Details of deep modernization of T-64BVK command tank revealed in Kharkov

In Ukraine, the details of the "deep modernization" of the T-64BVK command tank, developed at the Kharkov Armored Plant for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, were disclosed, website reports.
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T-64BVK command tank (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

As explained by the manufacturer, this was the first time a deep modernization of this type was carried out in Kharkov. The main difference from the old models was the replacement of the Soviet-style radio equipment with imported systems; in total, three new radio stations were installed - two VHF bands and one HF band. An additional power unit with a capacity of 3 kW was installed, which provides an autonomous power supply.

In addition, precises, the tank received third-generation observation and aiming devices, in particular the TPN1 solid waste thermal imaging tank sight, the TVNE-4BUM driver's day and night vision observation device, the TKN-ZVUM commander's day and night vision observation device, CH-4215 satellite navigation equipment, and other improvements.

The modernized T-64BVK tank received a monitoring system for the rear hemisphere, a commander's cupola with enhanced protection for the NSVT machine gun and a surveillance camera. Protected rear-view mirrors were installed on the tank, protection of fuel tanks was strengthened, the front of the turret was covered with rubber-metal shields. Lighting devices were also replaced.

It is emphasized that the updated machine has already passed successful tests. Currently, the plant is working on the modernization of a whole batch of T-64 tanks, but with one caveat - they carry out "similar work", but not a similar modernization.


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