Sweden will supply 5,000 AT4 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

According to information released by the Swedish Ministry of Defense on February 27, 2022, Sweden will send military equipment and weapons to Ukraine including 135,000 field rations, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 body shields, and 5,000 anti-tank weapons. Citing a Tweet from Hugo Kaaman, the anti-tank weapons that will be delivered to Ukraine by Sweden would be AT4.
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A U.S. soldier from Company A, 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division fires an M136 AT4-Anti Tank Weapon during live fire. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

Many countries in Europe continue to offer military equipment and weapons after the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian armed forces. Currently, 19 European countries as well as Canada and United States have already sent millions of dollars worth of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine.

On February 26, 2022, the United States Department of Defense has announced an additional aid of up to $350 million for immediate support to Ukraine’s defense. This brings the total security assistance the United States has committed to Ukraine over the past year to more than $1 billion.

This package will include further lethal defensive assistance to help Ukraine address the armored, airborne, and other threats it is now facing. It is another clear signal that the United States stands with the people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereign, courageous, and proud nation.

On February 27, 2022, Canada announced the sending of at least $25 million of additional non-lethal military aid to Ukraine including helmets, body armor, gas masks, and night vision gear. On January 25, 2022, Army Recognition reported that Canada could provide small arms and anti-tank weapons to Ukraine which were planned to be delivered to the Kurds in 2016.

The AT4 is an 84 mm unguided, man-portable, single-shot, disposable, recoilless smoothbore anti-tank weapon developed and manufactured by the Swedish company Saab. The weapon is designed to give infantry units a means to destroy light armored vehicles and fortifications.

The AT4 is a single use weapon and is not reusable and cannot be reloaded. The AT4 requires little training and is quite simple to use, making it suitable for general issue. It can fire several types of 84mm ammunition including HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank), HEDP 502 (High Explosive Dual Purpose), HP (High Penetration), AST (Anti Structure Tandem-warheads), ER (Extended Range) and HE (High Explosive).

The AT-4 has a firing range from 300 to 500 m and can penetrate 420 mm of armor. It can be fitted with an optical night sight on a removable fixture. In US military use, the launcher can be fitted with the AN/PAQ-4C, AN/PEQ-2, or the AN/PAS-13 night sights.