Russian firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov increases its military international export of weapons

In 2021, according to Kalashnikov Group of Companies’ press service, the group increased its output of military export by over 70% compared to 2020. Among the main export products are the AK 100 and 200 series of assault rifles, as well as the Ratnik (Warrior) new-generation of warfighter outfit and high-precision weaponry.
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Russian firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov has developed a full range of assault rifles and sniper rifles. (Picture source Army Recognition)

“Military and civilian products under the Kalashnikov brand are supplied to a total of 27 countries around the world. Foreign customers traditionally highly appreciate its reliability and technical characteristics. The positive dynamics of the export of military products, despite the difficult conditions in which we have to work, I mean both the pandemic and the sanctions, is a vivid confirmation of this,” commented Vladimir Lepin, General Director of the Kalashnikov Group of Companies.

In 2021, during an official visit to India by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a landmark contract was signed between the Indian Ministry of Defense and the Russian-Indian joint venture Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited for the supply of AK-203 assault rifles, which will be produced in India with the technical assistance of the Kalashnikov Group.

Kalashnikov AK-15 for Bangladesh

Recently, Kalashnikov announced the production of a large batch of AK assault rifles “in the interests of a foreign customer from the Asia-Pacific Region” under a contract concluded by Rosoboronexport, the national defense trader. The undisclosed customer appears to be Bangladesh, in fact: according to open sources information, the assault rifles in service with the Bangladesh army consist of the BD-08 (a Chinese Type 81 7.62mm caliber produced under license in Bangladesh), the Type 56 7.62mm caliber (a Chinese variant of the Soviet AK-47), the M4 carbine 5.56mm caliber, the Type 56 7.62mm caliber carbine, and the Zastava M59/66 7.62mm carbine.

Citing information published on the Twitter account of Defense Technology of Bangladesh-DTB, the Russian AK-15 could be the next generation of assault rifles that will equip the Bangladesh armed forces. The AK-15 is a new variant of the AK-12 chambered in 7.62×39mm produced by the Russian firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov. The assault rifle was designed based on the AK-12 model and is considered as a next-generation personal weapon providing improved combat performance, versatility, accuracy, and precision. The AK-15 has a modern design with the Picatinny rail mounted on the upper part of the receiver and has foldable buttstock with adjustable length. The weapon has a length of 880 to 940 mm, 690mm with the buttstock folded and a weight of 3.5 kg. The AK-15 uses the standard 30 rounds magazine is compatible with the standard 30-round magazines, of AK-103 and AKM, as well as the 40-round box and 75-round drum magazines of the RPK light machine gun.

Kalashnikov Group confirms plans to produce assault rifles in Kazakhstan

A Russian-Kazakh joint venture planned to be launched in 2022 will provide Kazakhstan’s Defense Ministry with advanced assault rifles, the Kalashnikov Group’s press office said: “Work on this project has been in full swing with the participation of Kalashnikov Group specialists since last year. Now, we can say with certainty that the joint venture will satisfy the Kazakh Defense Ministry’s needs for modern assault rifles,” the press office said.

As the press office of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development said earlier, Kazakh defense enterprises are planned to implement prospective projects in 2022, including the production of AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles at the Tynys Company.

Kalashnikov in India

In December 2021, Russia and India have signed a contract on the delivery of over 600,000 7.62mm AK-203 assault rifles that will be produced in India for the National Defense Ministry. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced plans in early March 2019 to set up an Indo-Russian joint venture for the production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in the country. The joint venture IRRPL for the manufacture of AK-203 assault rifles has been established at a production facility in the town of Korwa of the Amethi district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, India can become the first foreign country to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles of the latest 200th series.