United States to provide AN/PRC-158 Manpack UHF SATCOM Radio Systems for NATO

According to information published by the U.S. Department of Defense on February 5, 2021, the U.S. State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) of AN/PRC-158 Manpack UHF SATCOM Radio Systems and related equipment for an estimated cost of $65 million.
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The L3Harris Falcon IV AN/PRC-158 delivers dual-channel connectivity across the full 30-2500 MHz frequency range.(Picture source L3Harris)

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) has requested to buy five hundred seventeen (517) AN/PRC-158 Manpack UHF SATCOM radio systems. Also included are crypto fill devices, man-portable ancillaries, vehicular ancillaries, deployed Headquarter ancillaries, power support, and operator and maintenance training, and other related elements of program, technical and logistics support. The total estimated program cost is $65 million.

This proposed sale will ensure NATO warfighters have access to the latest C3I systems and technologies and will be interoperable with U.S. forces. An updated UHF TACSAT radios in the hands of NATO allies and partners will offer significant C3I capabilities at all echelons, from the operational level down to the lowest small unit tactical formation. These capabilities increase secure communication effectiveness and efficiency and enhance military decision making.

The prime contractor will be Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids, IA. There are no known offset agreements in connection with this potential sale.

The Falcon® IV AN/PRC-158 is Multi-channel Manpack radio designed and manufactured by L3Harris for forward-deployed teams and able to deliver superior communications security along with mission flexibility. Compact, powerful and modular, this two-channel solution covers the full 30-2500 MHz frequency range and is 30% smaller than similar products.

Equipped with a Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and a broad portfolio of narrowband and wideband waveforms, the AN/PRC-158 ensures advanced interoperability and fast in-field updates for new capabilities. The manpack’s two channels and superior routing and crossbanding technologies support communications redundancy and sharing critical voice and data ISR with a variety of nets and subnets.

The AN/PRC-158 MCMP (Multi-channel Manpack ) includes MUOS-ready hardware for SATCOM connectivity while on the move. NSA-certified for voice and data up to U.S. TOP SECRET with L3Harris Sierra™ II encryption, the manpack is fully JTRS COMSEC and TRANSEC compliant. The AN/PRC-158 supports numerous legacy encryption and key fill modes as well as Type 3 AES keys.