Indonesian army Denhanud 474 Paskhas Yogya air defense missiles and radar to be modernized

The main equipment of the weapon system (alutsista) operated by the Air Defense detachment (Denhanud) 474 of the Yogyakarta special forces (Paskhas) will be modernized. The weapons that will be modernized are guided missiles and radar, Defense Studies reports.
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QW3 missile of 474 Paskhas TNI AU (Picture source: Paskhas)

Deputy Commander (Wadan) Wing 1 Paskhas Lt. Col. Andy Tama Tanggela Worra Waru said eventhough the defense equipment in Denhanud 474 Paskhas Yogyakarta was of a reliable capability, modernization is still needed, to improve the capability and quality : "In accordance with the main task of Denhanud 474 Paskhas as an air defense force in the Yogyakarta area, it will be modernized," said Andy at Yogyakarta on Saturday, February 13.

Andy explained that Denhanud 474 Paskhas Yogyakarta currently has a QW III short-range missile and a Smart Hunter radar. Both the missile and radar will be modernized with the latest generatio system. "So this modernization is to improve the organization's ability to defend the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI)," he said.

The Air Defense Artillery (Indonesian: Artileri Pertahanan Udara /Arhanud) gathers the anti-aircraft defense units of the army. Its main purpose is to defend ground units from an air attack and help protect installations. Like the Field Artillery, brown berets are worn by its gunners and missile teams. The Air Defense Artillery units report to the Air Defense Artillery Branch Centre (Pussenarhanud). This unit has 4 detachments of missile artillery units called: "Den Rudal" (Detasemen Rudal).

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Smart Hunter Denhanud radar 474 of Paskhas TNI AU (Picture source: Paskhas)