Georgian army receives machine guns and grenade launchers

The Georgian Defense Forces have received a first batch of 12.7mm M2 machineguns, Mk.19 automatic grenade launchers and an additional batch of 5.56mm M249 light machine guns.
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12.7mm M2 machine guns delivered to the Georgian Armed Forces (Picture source : Twitter account of The Dead District)

In August 2008, following a series of fierce clashes in South Ossetia, Georgia attempted to re-take the separatist territory by force. In the resulting military conflict with Russia, Georgia was driven out of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and lost parts of its military capabilities. Russian forces sank four Georgian naval vessels in the port of Poti and hauled away nine rigid-hull inflatable boats. Georgia Land Forces lost approximately 30 T-72's, 6 BMP's, 2 BTR's and around 10 artillery pieces of all types in combat. The Russians also captured 5 intact BMP's, approximately 5 artillery pieces, BUK SAM system and OSA SAM system. The Georgian Air Force lost three AN-2's, 2 Mi-24's and 1 Mi-14 on the ground. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia lost 2 Hermes 450 reconnaissance drones and 1 Otokar Cobra APC. The Russian military lost more military equipment in combat then Georgia.

Georgia immediately began a process of re-armament after the war. The conflict was immediately followed by a very quick replenishment program of the gaps in the single GAF (Georgian Armed Forces) arms components with an additional massive re-equipment and modernization program.

Two Georgian vessels sunk in Poti were raised and returned to service. The Georgian Navy's remaining operational naval units were merged into the Georgian Coast Guard, which received training in search and seizure tactics from the United States.

Ukraine supplied Georgia with 30 BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, 2 BUK SAM system batteries and 6 OSA mobile SAM systems. Israel supplied Georgia with 13 Wolf APCs and Spyder-SR SAM systems and many types of firearms. The United States supplied Georgia with many types of infantry equipment to Georgia such as infantry personal protection equipment, firearms, APCs and anti tank missiles. Georgia has also received MANPADs and radars from France. NATO militaries also often train with Georgian military and have annual military drills in Georgia. Georgia also rebuilt its damaged military bases and constructed more military barracks. By late 2010 the Georgian military had reached a strength greater than pre-war levels and, after completing the reforms, decisively reduced military spending. Beginning in 2010, Georgia started to produce its own line of APC's, IFV's, infantry personal protection equipment, small arms and mortars.

Georgian Minister of Defense announced that Georgia will be acquiring more Javelin anti-tank missiles and combat drones, as well as completely replacing Soviet and Russian rifles with M4 carbines.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

M249 light machine gun with spare barrel delivered to the Georgian Armed Forces (Picture source : Twitter account of The Dead District)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Mk.19 automatic grenade launcher delivered to the Georgian Armed Forces (Picture source : Twitter account of The Dead District)