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During ExpoDefensa 2023, the editorial team of Army Recognition had the exclusive opportunity to witness the unveiling of the Colombian army's new uniform camouflage system, dubbed "Chameleon Bicentennial". This unveiling marks a pivotal step in the evolution of the army's concealment and adaptability capabilities, representing a significant milestone in Colombia's military history.

Bogotá, Colombia, December 6, 2023 – ExpoDefensa 2023 is currently underway, from December 5 to 7, at the Corferias Convention Center in Bogotá, Colombia, marking a significant moment for the defense and security industries in Latin America. This event is pivotal, showcasing state-of-the-art technologies and innovations tailored to meet the dynamic challenges in the region.

Expodefensa 2023, the international event showcasing technologies, equipment, and solutions in security and defense for Latin America and the Caribbean, is currently ongoing at Corferias, Colombia, until Thursday, December 7, 2023. Among the participants is the Colombian Civil Defense, considering Expodefensa 2023 as an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in national and international Security and Defense.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is preparing to place an order for the production of 750 locally manufactured armored combat vehicles. Lieutenant General Ivan Havrylyuk, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, revealed that these armored vehicles would come in various types. He stated, "We plan to order more than 750 armored combat vehicles of different types from domestic manufacturers."

At EDEX 2023, the editorial team of Army Recognition had the opportunity to discover the Hares-3, an anti-drone system developed by the Arab Organization for Industrialization (ASI). Designed to enhance battlefield security, this system efficiently and flexibly detects, identifies, and neutralizes drones.

At ExpoDefensa 2023, Norinco, the Chinese defense company, unveiled an updated version of its AR3 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), highlighting improvements in mobility and protection. The new iteration is installed on an 8x8 truck chassis with a double-doored armored cabin, offering enhanced defense against small arms and artillery shell splinters.

Presented at ExpoDefensa 2023, the Titan, a 4x4 armored personnel carrier, marks a significant step in enhancing the safety and operational capabilities of the Colombian army. The vehicle, introduced by Greit, a Colombian company, indeed saved the lives of several Colombian soldiers during an operation. The vehicle reportedly withstood a large explosion due to an IED. The Titan is primarily designed for convoy protection, especially for oil companies.

The South African defense company Rippel Effect presented its MROWS (Remotely Operated Weapon Station) system at the ExpoDefensa 2023 exhibition. This armament system is optimized for 7.62 mm Light Machine Guns (LMG) and 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Guns (HMG). The MROWS allows for ammunition feeding from either the left or right side, offering operational flexibility in various combat scenarios.

At EDEX 2023, Poly Technologies, sometimes abbreviated as PolyTech, a subsidiary of China Poly Group Corporation, showcases its QN-202 miniature guided missile weapon system. Weighing 1.2 kg, the one-man portable system has a performance range of 2 km, incorporating image self-guidance technology with a lock-on before launch (LOBL) capability, rendering it a fire-and-forget weapon.

At the ExpoDefensa 2023 exhibition, two Chinese tank models, the VT 4 and VT 5, are showcased as scale models. Colombia, on its part, has announced its intention to acquire combat tanks for its armed forces. But what if Colombia were to acquire these Chinese tanks? Would it be an addition to the Colombian Armed Forces?

At the EDEX 2023 expo, a new product was introduced - the Haris-5 system, a compact and portable solution for detection and countermeasures against UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This system is specifically designed to neutralize small UAVs, including those in the mini and micro categories, through a sophisticated electro-optical detection system, and the use of guided suppression as an effective means of confrontation.

The editorial team of Army Recognition, as part of their ongoing coverage of advancements in military technology, has recently discovered HALCON's latest innovation, the HUNTER SP. This multi-role loitering munition, designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Close Air Support (CAS), and precision ground-strike operations, is a significant addition to HALCON's portfolio, a company renowned for its precision-guided and loitering munitions.

Jankel, a designer and manufacturer of high-specification defence, security and NGO protection systems, has announced the formal product launch of their new armoured Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 vehicle. Jankel is a well-established supplier in the world of Civilian Armoured Vehicles (CAVs) and this new armoured variant of the latest Toyota Land Cruiser 300 model is claimed to be a “best in class” product.

At the ExpoDefensa 2023 exhibition held in Colombia, Armor International, a Colombian defense contractor, completed the development of its MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle, the Hunter TR-12, now referred to as the TR-12-23. It is designed to meet the stringent requirements of special forces units from various branches, including the Army, Marine Infantry, Air Force, and Police.

Represented by Swedish Minister for Defence Pål Jonson and U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, Sweden and the US have signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA). This means that the countries have agreed on the conditions for US forces to operate in Sweden. The DCA regulates issues such as the legal status of US forces, access to deployment areas and pre-positioning of military materiel in Sweden.

The ninth edition of ExpoDefensa, a major international event in the field of defense and security, is currently underway from December 5 to 7 at Corferias. Officially inaugurated by the Colombian Defense Minister, Iván Velásquez Gómez, this edition stands as both a specialized business hub and a benchmark for the defense and security sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Army Recognition, serving as an official partner, has its editorial team present at the event to cover innovations being showcased.

OXO Tactical, a company active in advanced tactical solutions, is making its inaugural appearance at the Egypt Defense Expo 2023. Marking a milestone in the company's history, OXO Tactical is introducing its latest innovations, including the upgraded Frogskin TQ+ tactical combat suit, the cutting-edge Emergency Tourniquet, and the formidable anti-riot helmet, "Trooper X."

In a significant display of technological prowess and industry leadership, Israeli company Plasan continues to affirm its position as a global frontrunner in the production of wheeled armored vehicles. The company, renowned for its high level of protection offerings, proudly presented the Plasan Sandcat at the prestigious ExpoDefensa 2023, defense exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. This event, a focal point for defense technology showcases, served as an ideal platform for Plasan to demonstrate its cutting-edge capabilities.

As EDEX 2023 kicks off, Army Recognition Group is on-site, delivering extensive and detailed coverage of the event's first day, focusing on the wide range of exhibits and breakthroughs in defense technology and military equipment showcased at the exhibition.

At EDEX 2023, the Egyptian Ministry of Military Products unveiled a new tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) named Sena 200. The Egyptian mechanized forces currently operate 390 YPR-765 and 300 BMP-1 IFVs, making the introduction of the first locally-made Sena 200 a noteworthy addition to their arsenal.

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