EDEX 2023: Egypt presents Haris-5 system to neutralize UAVs

At the EDEX 2023 expo, a new product was introduced - the Haris-5 system, a compact and portable solution for detection and countermeasures against UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This system is specifically designed to neutralize small UAVs, including those in the mini and micro categories, through a sophisticated electro-optical detection system, and the use of guided suppression as an effective means of confrontation.
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the Haris-5 system is a compact and portable solution for detection and countermeasures against UAVs (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In the current context, where the use of drones in modern conflicts is steadily increasing, the Haris-5 system presented at EDEX 2023 offers a significant technological response to the security challenges posed by these devices. Drones have become versatile tools in military operations, used for reconnaissance, surveillance, and even as strike platforms, making the deployment of effective countermeasures essential. The Haris-5, with its ability to detect and neutralize small UAVs, meets this growing need for protection in various environments, including urban areas, military installations, airports, and major events where air security is a major concern.

The Haris-5 stands out for its ease of transport and installation, thanks to its lightweight and easy-to-maneuver tripod. This feature makes it particularly suitable for protecting important targets, where efficiency and flexibility are paramount. The system offers an electro-optical range of up to 1 kilometer and is capable of directed GPS/DL suppression up to 1.5 kilometers, thus providing extensive coverage and a rapid response against small aerial threats.

The role of drones in modern conflicts has evolved from surveillance tools to key actors on the battlefield, capable of carrying out precise strikes and collecting vital intelligence. This evolution highlights the importance of systems like the Haris-5 in effectively countering these new aerial threats. The EDEX 2023 expo thus sheds light on the importance of technological innovation in defense and security, offering solutions suited to the contemporary challenges posed by the increasing use of drones in modern conflicts. Indeed, anti-drone systems are more than popular at the Egyptian expo, and this is neither the last system nor the first that we have presented on Army Recognition.

The presence of Haris-5 at EDEX 2023 underscores the growing importance of security technology in the current context, where UAVs are becoming increasingly common and pose new security challenges. We are also looking forward to learning more about this Egyptian anti-drone system in the future.