Ukraine MoD to order additional RK-360MC Neptune coastal missile battalion

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine plans to sign a contract with the State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch on the production of another battalion of Neptune coastal missile system, Militarnyi reports. This information was announced in an interview with Apostrophe TV channel (Security Talks project) by the company’s CEO Oleg Korostelov. According to him, the agreement is planned to be signed by the end of 2021.
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RK-360MC Neptune coastal air defense system on a Tatra chassis (Picture source: via

According to Korostelov, the Ukrainian industry is capable of producing three RK-360MTs Neptune battalions and missiles for them annually: «Moreover, we have already reached production cooperation and interaction. It was necessary to set up certain sites for this production. We are actually “breaking in” the production process now and after that our production of serial samples may increase”.

Luch plans to deliver the first operational battalion to the Ministry of Defense in the first quarter of 2022. The head of the company assured that all works are in line with the schedule. Currently, one of the units of the Navy is performing an experimental operation of the system that includes one launcher and special vehicles on KrAZ chassis.

The contract for the production of one battalion was signed by the Ministry of Defense in late 2020. In January 2021, Militarnyi informed that the Ukrainian Navy had established a missile battalion that will be armed with Neptune, and one more unit was transformed into the missile battalion. The Commander of the Navy stated that the military unit is preparing to receive the first battalion kit of RK-360MT Neptune coastal missile systems this year. The deadlines for delivery of the first missile battalion have been postponed by several months from those announced by the Commander of the Navy, Oleksiy Neizhpapa.

According to Korostelov, negotiations on foreign orders are currently underway with four countries, namely Indonesia.

Neptune is a cruise anti-ship missile developed by Luch Design Bureau to be mounted on three platforms: ship, land, and air launchers. It has a maximum range of 280 km. The missile is in service in the Ukrainian Navy since March 2021. The missiles (5,300 × 600 × 600 mm) are designed to be located in transport and launch containers (TLC). The length of the missile itself with an accelerator of 5,050 mm. TLC with a rocket with a cross-shaped hard wing can be placed on terrestrial, naval or air carriers. The missile is based on a design of the Soviet anti-ship missile Kh-35, however, Ukrainian constructors substantially improved missile range and electronics.

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Test fire of an RK-360MC Neptune missile in 2019 (Picture source: Ukrainian MoD)


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