Polish company PIT-Radwar hands over another radar station TRS-15M

Polish company PIT-Radwar S.A. handed over the fourth TRS-15 mobile medium-range observation radar in a modernized version (TRS-15M) this year. The handover of this unit completed the deliveries of TRS-15M radars scheduled for 2021. Another radar will be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.
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PIT-Radwar handed over the fourth TRS-15 mobile medium-range observation radar in a modernized version (TRS-15M) to the Polish army (Picture source: PIT-Radwar S.A.)

The handover ceremony for the Polish army took place under the contract concluded in 2018 for the delivery of 11 sets of three-coordinate S-band medium-range radars in the modernized TRS-15M version, four KZS-15 remote control consoles, and a training and logistics package. So far, 5 radars have been delivered, and the delivery of the remaining 6 is planned for 2022.

The TRS-15M radar is designed to work in the air defense system as a source of radar information for command and control systems. TRS-15M radars can detect objects at a distance of more than 200 km, an altitude up to 30 km, and track more than 120 objects simultaneously. These radars are equipped with the ISZ-50 IFF interrogators of the MARK XIIA standard, which enable identification of "my-alien" in the 5 modes. TRS-15M radars are currently delivered on high-mobility JELCZ P662D.43 M62 and P882D.43 M64 chassis.

The air targets are located in three dimensions using the stacked-beam monopulse technique in elevation and mechanical scanning in azimuth. The radar can also provide a digital output of plots, tracks, and IFF data.

The effective operation of the radar in the presence of jamming and clutter is achieved by using advanced, adaptive signal processing techniques, including adaptive clutter map, automated monitoring jamming, selection of less jammed frequency, staggered frequency repetition.

The TRS-15 radar system consists of an antenna vehicle and a vehicle fitted with standard ISO 6 m locks and two power generator trailers. The antenna array can be deployed within 20 minutes by a crew of three using the antenna mast hydraulic system. The radar is fitted with an antenna leveling system and a GPS-based positioning system.


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