Hungary buys Israeli Elta ELM-2084 MMR radars

On December 12, the Hungarian Today website reported that the Hungarian Armed Forces are buying radars "based on Israeli ELM-2084 technology", Oleg Granovsky reports on BMPD/Live Journal. Moreover, further they are called simply ELM-2084.
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EL/M-2084 radar (Picture source: via BMPD)

Judging by the above, the contract was signed on the same day (Friday 11.12.20), but not with ELTA from the Israel Aviation Industry (IAI), but with Rheinmetall Canada. The contract was signed by Ferenc Korom, Commander of the Hungarian Air Force, and Stephane Oehrli, President and CEO of Rheinmetall Canada. This information is not yet available on the Rheinmetall Canada and IAI websites. Canada purchased these radars in 2015. They were produced locally by Rheinmetall Canada. The distribution of work between this firm and ELTA was not reported.

EL/M-2084 should begin arriving in Hungary in 2022 to replace the obsolete Soviet-era radars. Other details (number of radars, cost, etc.) were not disclosed, Oleg Granovsky mentions. However, the Israeli website Kalkalist reported that "the deal will be larger than the Czech one." And the Czech Republic sold 8 radars for $ 125 million (delivery in 2021-2023). In total, IAI has sold more than 100 such radars for more than $ 2 billion.