France orders a new batch of 12,000 HK416F 5.56mm assault rifles

According to a Tweet published on December 22, 2020, the French Army procurement agency (DGA) has ordered a new batch of 12,000 HK416F 5.56mm assault rifles for the French Army that will replace the FAMAS 5.56 mm bullpup assault rifle in service with the French armed forces since 1972.
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HK416F 5.56mm caliber assault rifle of the French army. (Picture source DGA)

Currently, 45,340 HK416F assault rifles are in the process of delivery to the French armed forces by the DGA (French Army procurement agency) to the 117,000 scheduled to enter service by 2028.

In October 2016, the French Army has confirmed the selection of the Heckler & Koch 416 5.56mm caliber to replace the old FAMAS, in service since the 1970s.

The HK416F is based on the design of HK416A5 and can be used by left and right-handed shooters. The new French army standard assault rifle HK416F is a gas pressure loader system that is similar to the American-made AR-15 manufactured by Colt.

The weapon will be supply to the French army in two variants the HK416 F-S (standard, 14.5” –pipe/368 mm) and HK416 F-C (compact, 11”-pipe/279 mm.

The HK416 F is equipped with an adjustable shoulder stock which can be sized from 741 mm to 842mm for the C variant or 831mm to 931mm for the S variant. The HK416 F has a width of 77 mm (without attachments) and a height of 253 mm (without sight). The S-version has an empty weight of 3,755 kg while the C-version is lighter with a weight of 3,450 kg.

The HK416 F features a cold-hammered barrel with six grooves and a right-hand spin. It uses a magazine which has a capacity of 30 cartridges.