Russia drafts arms program up to 2034 - Part 2

New weapons include Tornado-G, Uragan-1M, and Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). They replace old Grad, Uragan, and Smerch. All the three new MLRS are serially produced with new munitions, which include precision rockets.
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Tank manufacturers have finalized the overhaul and upgrade documentation for all combat vehicles in service with the army. The hardware satisfies the organic needs of the armed forces, including in the Arctic. T-80 tanks are mostly used in the north. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Russia operates modern antitank Kornet systems. There is a line of modern vehicles of the Typhoon family : Typhoon-K of Remdiesel plant, and Typhoon-U of Ural plant. The Military-Industrial company has recently offered a new Strela vehicle, which is a light option of the Tiger. Batch supplies of upgraded BTR-82AMs are ongoing. Kurganets and Boomerang vehicles on Armata platform are completing trials and have to begin test operation by the troops in 2021. Acceptance trials of armor on Boomerang platform are beginning. The development batch will be shortly produced.

The number of new vehicles will be determined by the new arms program. Delivery plans of new and upgraded hardware are specified according to the results of modernization R&D. Tank manufacturers have finalized the overhaul and upgrade documentation for all combat vehicles in service with the army. The hardware satisfies the organic needs of the armed forces, including in the Arctic. T-80 tanks are mostly used in the north.

The new generation of T-14 Armata tanks will train and update the combat engagement tactic, as they are conceptually new vehicles. For the first time, the tank has an unmanned combat compartment (turret) and the crew stays in a protected armored capsule located in the front. The tank is highly protected and mobile, and operates new weapons. A round of munitions has been designed for it with characteristics that exceed ordinary tank shells. The tank enjoys a major modernization potential. It is mounted on a platform that can carry new weapons.

Other Russian tanks have properly performed in regional conflicts. "We have a stable export order. All the new hardware is of interest for partners. I have not yet mentioned TOS-2 heavy flamethrower and Zemledelie remote mining vehicle, which participated in the V-Day parade in 2020. There are also air defense weapons, such as Vityaz and upgraded Buk-M3 and Tor-M2U. The trend to buy the whole line of armored vehicles remains abroad. We have what to offer to a foreign customer. We have made mistakes and lost markets because the Soviet Union allowed Warsaw Pact countries to produce weapons without licenses and patents. Now they trade weapons by their own rules and undermine our export potential. We have to learn the lesson. I believe the correct conclusions have been made and we shall maintain and increase our export potential. All our ground hardware is on a par with the foreign one," Osyko said. Production of Russian arms abroad and transfer of technologies provide a good potential for the development of military-technical cooperation, he added.

The portfolio of export orders remains at the level of 55 billion dollars in the past years and Russia keeps a leading position in the arms market. Preliminary forecasts say the export volume will hardly change in 2021. It remained at the previous level during the pandemic.

New hardware has an immense modernization potential and can be used as a platform to create new weapons. Thus, the Boomerang undercarriage can be a platform for communication and reconnaissance complexes, as it has enough internal space to accommodate the necessary hardware. The same is true for other military products. Msta-SM and Koalitsia self-propelled tracked guns can be transformed into wheeled options. They will be of interest to customers.

Balkan automatic grenade launcher is a new 40mm weapon. The new caliber will change the organic fleet of grenade launchers and require new rounds of munitions. Is a major costly task. The new grenade launcher is finalized and will be accepted into service shortly. It exceeds AGS-17 and AGS-30 in firepower, but Balkan is heavier and less mobile.

At present, no complete replacement of AGS with Balkan is planned. Huge stocks of firearms and grenade launchers and munitions were accumulated in Soviet times. The industry annually produced dozens of millions of cartridges and hundreds of thousands of firearms. The armed forces still keep major stocks. Such arsenals make a complete replacement economically senseless.

It concerns not only Balkan. AK-12 assault rifle, the Lebedev pistol considerably exceed the predecessors. Their production is prepared, technologies streamlined and costs reduced.

The first serial batches are supplied to the troops manned with the most professional soldiers, mostly commandos of the Defense Ministry and other law enforcement agencies. The test operation has to expose hidden defects and drawbacks and rectify them.

Automobiles are currently procured for the Arctic, such as Mustang family on KAMAZ undercarriage and Motovoz-1 on Ural undercarriage. The creation of Arctic technical rear services on two-section tracked DT-30PM transporter has been completed.

R&D is ongoing to create 120mm mortar on the undercarriage of two-section tracked transporter, light tracked snow-and-swamp-going vehicle DT-BTR, and REM-GD tracked evacuation vehicle. R&D is also held to develop prospective Arctic communication and command posts.

"Artificial intelligence is mostly used in robots to select and identify targets and assist in driving and piloting. It reacts and makes the right decisions much faster than a human. However the machine cannot think so far," Osyko said

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