Greek company EODH unveils Hoplite multipurpose armored vehicle

The EODH company, based in Lakkoma, has unveiled a new armored vehicle called Hoplite, after the name of the famous Antique Greek soldier, Paul Antonopoulos reports in the Greek City Times. The modular vehicle is designed to meet both military and security requirements, Ptisi reported.
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Hoplite multipurpose armored vehicle (Picture source: EODH)

The design team worked on modular vehicle of maximum 12 tons gross weight, with a payload of 2 tons. The vehicle is based on a heavy-duty, mine-resistant, optimized for maximum interior space and flexibility in shipping. The cab is removable : it connects to the main vehicle with quick connectors and can be replaced in minimum time. In addition, the cab can be hydraulically raised to the side to provide easy access to the power and transmission unit.

The vehicle offers many possibilities of different configurations based on variations of the basic 5-door cabin design, but maintaining a common framework. Variations with 2, 3 or 4 doors and low or high ceiling are available. The basic version is designed to carry a 8 people.

The vehicle can be equipped with a Remote Control Weapon Station armed with a heavy machine gun stabilized in two axes. The total weight of the system is 250kg. Alternatively, a 40mm automatic grenade launcher or a light or medium machine gun can be installed. In addition, it has 2 quadruple 76mm smoke grenade launchers on the roof.

EODH has completed the design and development phase and proceeded to build a prototype for the necessary testing and certification based on European and NATO standards. The next step is the construction of a second prototype, which will have the final configuration as agreed in collaboration with the user and will incorporate as far as possible selected and certified Greek-made subsystems. It will be followed by a series of tests and certifications on the part of the user, the restoration of any observations and then it will be ready for serial production.