UK MoD launches bids for tanks mine clearing systems - bridges & missiles to aid Ukraine

On April 26, 2023, the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) launched bids to procure mine-clearing systems for tanks, armored vehicles launched bridges, and missiles or rockets with a range from 100 to 300 km in the framework of the IFU (International Fund for Ukraine). Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the British Government has launched the IFU to procure priority military assistance for Ukraine at pace.
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UK military support for Ukraine continues with new bids to procure mine-clearing systems for tanks, armored vehicles launched bridges, and missiles or rockets. (Picture source British MoD)

In the framework of the IFU (International Fund for Ukraine), the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) has launched a new urgent Bidding Round 2 (UBR2) and now invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suppliers across the globe to a wide range of military equipment and ammunition.

The British MoD is currently seeking proposals for the development and supply of advanced mobility support and long-range strike capabilities. With deadlines set for 9 May 2023 at 23:00 BST for mobility support and 4 May 2023 at 23:00 BST for long-range strike capabilities, interested parties are encouraged to submit their proposals in a timely manner.

In the area of mobility support, the British MoD is particularly interested in proposals that encompass armored minefield breaching capabilities, such as mine rollers and mine ploughs for Main Battle Tanks like the T-72, Leopard 1, and Leopard 2. Armored mine-clearing vehicles are also requested.

The British MoD is looking for armored vehicles launched bridges and launchers of any size, as well as medium girder bridges with lengths between 9m and 31m, and a minimum Military Load Capacity (MLC) of 70(T). Furthermore, logistical support for bridge launchers and reusable bridges, ranging from 40m to 80m in length and with a minimum MLC of 70(T), are sought. Lastly, heavy equipment transporters capable of carrying Main Battle Tanks are required.

For long-range strike capabilities, the essential requirements consist of missiles or rockets with a range between 100-300km, which can be launched from land, sea, or air platforms, and a payload capacity of 20-490kg. Desirable features include a Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Mission Planning Capability, assured navigation with hardened Global Navigation Satellite System capability in the face of advanced countermeasures and EM spectrum denial, and air defense penetration methods to increase the probability of a successful strike. A Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of at least 8 is also preferred.

The British MoD will evaluate all submissions based on technical merit, innovation, and alignment with the stated requirements. Successful bidders will have the opportunity to collaborate with the MoD in order to develop and integrate these state-of-the-art capabilities into future military operations.