United States works to provide artillery systems to Ukraine from US military stocks

According to information released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the United States is preparing another package of military equipment and weapons for Ukraine totaling $750 million. According to information published by White House press secretary, Jen Psaki on April 12, 2022, United States is working to provide Ukraine with artillery systems from U.S. military stocks.
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The M109 Paladin 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzer is the backbone of U.S. Army artillery units.  (Picture source U.S. DoD)

At the same time, the United States has announced the delivery of loitering munition to Ukraine. Regarding the U.S.-made Switchblade unmanned aerial systems, a significant number of them are now inside Ukraine for use by their forces, the U.S. official said. These UAS can carry explosives and have onboard cameras, videos, and sensors. The official noted that operating the Switchblade requires only about a day or two of training.

Most of the $800 million in U.S. arms have already been delivered to the Ukrainians, the official said. The Pentagon is also working on another $100 million for Javelin missiles.

In Europe, on April 9, 2022, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Kyiv to discuss the situation in Ukraine with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. The UK will continue the support Ukraine with a new €120 million including military equipment and weapons. On April 7, 2022 

UK Defence Ministers hosted a Ukrainian government delegation to Salisbury Plain Training Area this week to consider their equipment requirements and options for further military support, as they continue their defence against Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion.

Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin MP and Armed Forces Minister James Heappey MP were joined by Deputy Defence Minister Volodymyr Havrylov and senior Ukrainian military officers, who visited the UK on behalf of President Zelenskyy.

The UK has a deep and longstanding bilateral defense relationship with Ukraine and since 2015 has trained over 22,000 personnel as part of Operation Orbital and the UK-led Maritime Training Initiative. This training has included medical skills, logistics, countering improvised explosive devices (C-IED), leadership, planning, and infantry tactics.

The support was stepped-up in 2021 with the UK and Ukraine signing a bilateral treaty, which released £1.7bn of financing in support of the Ukrainian Naval Capabilities Enhancement Programme.

Since the Russian invasion, the UK has been leading efforts to coordinate international donations, hosting two donor conferences to encourage further donations and support their delivery, as well as running the International Donor Coordination Centre in Stuttgart to ensure the international community’s military aid to Ukraine is as coordinated and effective as possible.