Iran unveils its new local-made AD-200 air defense missile system during DIMDEX 2022 in Qatar

Iranian Defense Industry presents its new local-made AD-200 long-range surface-to-air defense system during DIMDEX 2022, the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition that was held in Doha, Qatar from 21 to 23 March 2022.
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Iran unveils its AD-200 long-range air defense missile system at DIMDEX 2022, Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition in Qatar. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Iran has not participated in international exhibitions for several years and during the DIMDEX Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition, Iran presented for the first time to the public a scale model of a battery of AD-200 long-range air defense system which has been completely developed by the Iranian defense industry.

According to the scale models of AD-200 displayed at DIMDEX 2022, a battery of AD-200 includes up to six TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) each with a launcher unit with four ready-to-fire missiles, AD-200 CC Combat Control Post, AD-200 SR Search Radar, and AD-200 TR Target Tracking Radar.

The AD-200 is an air defense missile system designed to intercept aerial targets at long-range and long-altitude. The air defense system is able to be used in all-weather conditions and can engage simultaneously six targets with 12 missiles. The AD-200 missile can destroy a wide range of aerial targets such as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and cruise missiles.

Citing the technical features published on the Iranian weapons export catalog, the missile can destroy aerial targets with a range from 5 to 200 km and an altitude from 200 m to 27 km. The missile has a diameter of 515 mm, a total weight of 2,050 kg with a warhead of 180 kg. The missile has an inertial guidance system updated via data link semi-active and active radar homing.

The AD-200 SR Search and surveillance phased-array radar is able to acquire and detect targets at a maximum range of 320 km with an azimuth of 360° and elevation from -3° to +85°. It can detect 200 targets simultaneously.

The AD-200 TR Target Tracking Phased-array Radar is able to track targets at a maximum range of 260 km with an azimuth of 360° and elevation from -3° to +85°. It can track 6 targets simultaneously.