Radiobarrier Wireless Perimeter Security System features digital mobile network administration and visual analytics

Polus-ST LLC announces additional mobile network administration and visual surveillance capabilities for the Radiobarrier Wireless Perimeter Security System. A new Camera Trap Kit (CTK) with a GSM module allows receiving and transmitting system data between the deployed Radiobarrier sensors and the remote command and control centre through mobile internet protocols.
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Radiobarrier Wireless Perimeter Security System (Picture source: Polus ST)

The CTK takes one or a series of photo images of intrusion within a secured zone at the operator’s command or when it is triggered by a master sensor. The images are stored locally and transmitted to a server, where they are processed by a neural network algorithm to identify and classify active intrusion attempts: human, vehicle, boat, animal.

Like the entire Radiobarrier system, the device is classified as outdoor equipment, operating under exposure to atmospheric precipitation, direct solar radiation, and moisture condensation. Image sensor operates in daylight and under low light conditions. The CTK is powered by an external battery and stays operational for up to 6 months.

The Radiobarrier Wireless Perimeter Security System is a stand-alone autonomous security solution for surveilling extended perimeters in remote areas with complex terrain. This solution combines the detection devices of seismic (UGS), microwave, passive infra-red (PIR) and to meet modern challenges in security and defense. The system protects any remote location regardless of size and shape.

For visual evidence, a CCTV subsystem supplements the main system. The CCTV subsystem includes a thermal imaging sensor, video and photo cameras. Various types of receivers can be used to operate the system remotely, such as handheld, laptop, or desktop PCs supplied with special Command and Control (C2) software.