Magistr-SV air defense automatic controls accepted into Russian army service

Magistr-SV air defense automatic controls, which surveys the airspace by outside and inbuilt means and coordinate air defense combat, has been accepted into service, the Military-Industrial Courier writes. Vega CEO Vyacheslav Mikheev said the system comprises an optical-electronic station, an outside electronic monitoring device, a small radar detector and a radio-technical reconnaissance station. Magistr-SV was designed by Rubin enterprise of the Vega Concern of Roselectronika.
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Magistr-SV increases the capabilities of army air defense to fight precision weapons and drones. (Picture source: Rostec)

Judging by the photo of the designer, all the means are accommodated in a unified module on BMP-3 undercarriage. The optical-electronic station is the main element. It automatically detects, identifies and tracks various aircraft. The so-called computer vision demands meticulous work to create digital samples of various aerodynamic targets. The designers created a major database of optical aircraft characteristics and emissions of natural disturbances.

Magistr-SV increases the capabilities of army air defense to fight precision weapons and drones. The drawbacks of the tactical Barnaul-T system exposed by the test operation were eliminated. Barnaul-T creates a single guidance and target distribution system, engages the minimal number of weapons, selects the most suitable firing positions, timely shifts and maneuvers combat hardware, automatically controls the fire and determines the order and actions of units, simultaneously controls various antiaircraft weapons, interacts with other air reconnaissance, control and communication means, and accelerates the control cycle to several seconds.

The software and technical solutions of Magistr-SV effectively operate against existing and prospective air weapons. The complex also increases the concealment and survivability of the air defense.

Magistr-SV can be integrated into the control subsystem of prospective missile arms capable of fighting precision weapons and various aircraft. It can interact with all antiaircraft weapons and Russian-made radars, and with a whole range of similar foreign-made systems. The open architecture of the complex is much ahead of time and allows Magistr-SV to occupy the leading positions in its class. The supplies to the troops will begin in 2021.

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