Israel Aerospace Industries successfully completes trials of Barak ER missile system

According to information published on April 19, 2021, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) has successfully completed series of trials of the BARAK ER Air and Missile Defense System.
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The IAI BARAK ER air defense missile system during the trials. (Picture source IAI)

The BARAK ER interceptor is part of the BARAK MX System that is an advanced Air & Missile Defense System that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats from different sources and different ranges.

The BARAK ER Air Defense System, developed by IAI, combines the capability to intercept airborne threats at an extended range of 150 kilometers and ballistic targets. The missile has vertical launch capabilities supporting 360° coverage, quick reactions, short minimal ranges and an active high-end RF seeker for targets with low radar cross-sections and high maneuverability. The extended range capability is made possible in part by adjusting the interceptor and MMR radar capabilities to a 150 km range and can be fitted for both naval and land platforms.

The BARAK ER interceptor tested in the trial series was taken directly from the company’s production line. The missile revolutionizes air defense with unprecedented flexibility, both in real-time full net-centric combat management as well as with unique smart launchers. The launchers are capable of independently launching and managing any mix of interceptors without a dedicated command post on site. The sophisticated battle management system optimizes the interceptors to match threats in real-time. Thanks to these features, an operator can create unique responses to a mix of interceptors across different threats, as well as phase their procurement gradually according to budget constraints.