Hensoldt Kalætron RWR Radar Warning System to reduce costs for service and operation

Kalætron RWR is a fully digital and software-defined, ultra-wideband Radar Warning System (RWS) with an outstanding multi-signal capability shown in operational flight test scenarios. By using state-of-the-art digital technology, the Kalætron RWR combines a higher sensitivity, lower latency and higher instantaneous bandwidth ever seen to reliably detect even entirely new radar modes within a dense environment.
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Kalætron RWR consists of: Antenna Front-End (AFE), Digital Front-End Receiver (DFER), and Central Processing (CP) (Picture source: Hensoldt)

This will translate into a major increase in the detection range of radar threats enabling situational awareness and allowing the user to take action earlier and to track enemy movement at a longer distance than possible before, even for software-defined radars.

The Kalætron RWR possesses, next to its primary threat protection functions and features, a fully digital and automated ESM capability. By the latest signal processing combined with high direction-finding accuracy, the system allows the crew outstanding situational awareness to avoid threats and to always monitor its environment for evasive maneuvers and to decrease the duration of the sensor-to-shooter cycle for countermeasures significantly.

Furthermore, by exploiting its extensive recording functions, it provides the user options to record data from unknown emitters or threats directly at their appearance. This can significantly reduce costs for dedicated ELINT (electronic intelligence) sensors and missions, and shorten the mission cycle for more efficiency of the user’s fleet.

Mission preparation and post-mission analysis are supported by the powerful Kalætron RWR Electronic Warfare Ground Support Station (EWGSS), to significantly reduce the workload of analysts in the Electronic Warfare Centers by a high degree of automation.

The system is designed for easy integration and installation, to reduce costs for service and operation of the fleet. In addition, its modularity and scalability allow adaptation of the system to the boundaries of all types of airborne platforms. Due to its full digital design, even extensive upgrades can be realized by updating the software and firmware of the system while not touching the hardware. This will cut the user’s costs and ensures the availability of the platform for being operational.

Kalætron RWR comes either as a stand-alone Radar Warning System to be integrated into a platform or as the latest upgrade of the Hensoldt AMPS-Suite for protection against all types of threats that airborne platforms face.