Tianhai Electronic delivers tactical communication solution with the PR9560 radio

At Defense and Security 2017, Tianhai Electronic, a Hytera company, showcase tactical communication solution with its PR9560 radio.

hytera pr9560 radio defense and security 2017 925 001 The PR9560 is presented here in a power amplifier which can extend communication range up to 30km.

The PR9560 is intended for land forces such as infantries, forward observers, snipers, special forces and anti-terror units, and can be deployed at a platoon or company level. The radio is compaact and lightweight, which ensures portability and operability in demanding, critical mission conditions. The radio is also very resistant and can be used in the most harsh environments.

In addition, the PR9560 is packed with the most advanced functionalities, for isntance: interoperability with DMT/TETRA, simultaneous voice and data, VOX, automatic position reporting using an internal or external GPS receiver, integration with tactical messaging or images transmission applications. The PR9560 provides uninterrupted coverage in the 30 to 87.975 MHz frequency band. By applying with the Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, the PR9560 offers three progressive waveforms (CNR/VRN/PRN) to guarantee a more stable and longer distance, greater speed for secured communication. With the high data outpu, it benefits to weapon system control, battlefield supervision and real-time situational awareness.