New project of Thai army ATGM 155mm Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun

Thai Ministry of Defense presents its own design of 155mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer using an Indian-made Tata truck chassis and the Israeli gun system ATMOS. A scale model of the local-made of ATGM (Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun) project was displayed on the booth of the Thai Ministry of Defense at Defense and Security 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.

New project of Thai army ATGM 155mm Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun Defense and Security Thailand 2017 Bangkok 925 001
Scale model of Thai Defense Ministry 155mm ATGM (Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun) at Defense and Security 2017 Thailand exhibition in Bangkok.

Currently Thai army has already purchase 6 CAESAR from the French Company Nexter and 12 ATMOS 155mm self-propelled howitzer from the Israeli Company Elbit Systems. At the Defense and Security 2017, Thai Ministry of defense showcases its latest development of artillery vehicle with the new ATGM (Autonomous Truck Mounted Gun).

The ATGM is a project of technology transfer between Thailand and the Israeli Company Elbit Systems to produce a new wheeled 155mm howitzer and equip one artillery battalion of the Thai armed forces with 18 vehicles and also 1 fire control system, 3 battery fire control systems, 1 meteorological radar used to support the Thai artillery battalion for combat and tactical operations.

The new ATGM is based on an Indian-made TATA 6x6 modified military truck chassis with a double cab at the front and the Israeli ATMOS 155mm gun system. The TATA truck will be able to transport the 6 crew members including driver and commander. It can run at a maxim road speed of 90 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 400 km.

The crew cab is protected against firing of small arms 7.62mm caliber and artillery shell splinters.

According to the Colonel Wanichnuhrox from the Thai production center of Ministry of Defense, the Royal Thai army has already received 6 new ATGM 155mm artillery vehicles to perform mobility and firing tests.
The ATMOS uses one 155mm 52 caliber cannon mounted on a platform which has a traverse range of 25° on left and right side with elevation range of +70°. This artillery also includes embedded electronic suite, automatic laying system and semi-automatic hydraulic loading system. It can carried a total 18 ammunition and has a range of 40 km maximum.

According to Colonel Wanichnuhrox, the Thai ATGM can come into action and fire the first round after 2 minutes with a rate of fire of 2 rounds per minute. In firing position, a large spade which is hydraulically lowered at the rear of the vehicle to provide a more stable firing platform.