DynaSEALR X-series for safe and flexible bomb disposal

The bomb disposal chamber DynaSEALR X (formerly MECV-B), is used to safely secure, contain, transport, store or test explosives and toxics, by law enforcements, first responders, military units, public security companies, terrorism security organisations, etc.

dynasafe dynasealrX defense and security 2017 925 001

The DynaSEALR X-chamber has three main advantages:

-It is gas-tight up to at least the rated charge and is suitable for toxic substances like chemical or biological agents and for repetitive detonations.

-The unique design has made it easily accessible, with the chamber opening on the biggest diameter.

-It is available in different sizes, capacities and implementations and is possible to customize with optional extra equipment.

The different implementations and circumstances for using this chamber place a variety of demands on the product in terms of mobility, loading volume, explosion capacity and special features. It is, for example, available with radiation shielding to provide protection against 'dirty bombs'. With an optional fragment shielding, the chamber is protected from damage even when exposed to the detonation of a 155 mm howitzer shell. The DynaSEALR X-chamber maybe operated from a trailer, be vehicle mounted or be operated in an integrated system with a remote controlled unit.