Defense and security 2017: Tyron showcases its ATR: The world's only multi-piece Rubber Runflat

At Defense & Security 2017 held in Bangkok, Thailand; Tyron Runflat showcases its ATR (All Terrain Runflat): The world's only multi-piece Rubber Runflat.

Tyron Runflat Defense Security 2017 925 001
The Tyron ATR at Defense & Security

The Tyron range of All Terrain Rubber Runflats (ATR) are designed to be fitted without special tools, even on the side of the road. The ATR is not only a multi-piece unit but has also been ballistically tested, with emphasis on the connections to ensure that under severe ballistic attack the ATR cannot be compromised.

Being made of rubber it absorbs far more energy, than hard materials, from kerb strikes and IEDs. The rubber of the ATR is over manufactured to ensure beadlock, which keeps the tyre in position, and gives a guaranteed high level off road flat tyre performance which is not possible with composite runflats.

With Tyron ATRs fitted, a vehicle can be driven evasively with all tyres shot out for a minimum of 50 km.