Dasan showcases its range of firearms at Defense & Security 2017

At Defense & Security 2017 held from November 6-9, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, Dasan diplays its range of firearms. Dasan is a Korean company established in 1992, producing firearms parts and completed guns. Dasan is recognised worlwide by many companies and customers for the quality of its products.

Dasan Defense Security 2017 925 001
The Dasan DSP9G and the DSP9C

Dasan manufactures a full range of firearms: pistols, shotguns, carbines, sniper and assault rifles. In its portfolio of pistols we can find some 1911 pistols such as the DSP9G and the DSP9C.

Dasan Defense Security 2017 925 002  
The DSR762 semi-automatic sniper rifle

Another product in display at the Thai defense show is the DSR762 semi-automatic sniper rifle. This sniper rifle has been designed for police and military snipers needing concealibility and maneuvrability. This rifle allies very high accuracy, excellent ergonomics and lightweight.

Dasan also produces shotguns and assault rifles as modernized AK47 with its DAK47 and DAR15.

 Dasan Defense Security 2017 925 003