IDEB 2014 Official Online Show Daily News International defence exhibition Bratislava

IDEB 2014
International Defence Exhibition
, Slovakia
14 - 16 May 2014
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IDEB is an important International Defense Exhibition in Europe, Army Recognition Defense Magazine cover this event as the Official Online Show News Daily IDEB 2014.

IDEB 2014 is well justified insofar as it allows individual international countries to show their defence industries’ technological advances, thus creating the conditions for gaining a wide spectrum of specialist information, which is essential to making decisive decisions with regard to modernisation and offset programmes. International cooperation in making joint purchases of diverse defence commodities and sharing specifications of individual types of military equipment are linked for the Slovak efficient provision of military capabilities and knowledge in the areas of our engagement abroad. In this regard, the Slovak Governement ensure that his servicemen and women are equipped with adequate military gear, and it's a priority to modernise the Slovakian army.

Defence industry, being an integral part of the existing industries, as well as other industry branches, have not been left untouched by the crisis. The European defence policy has pushed for more consolidation so as to create a unified European market and an integrated defence industry. Tendencies of this kind are an underlying feature of the so-called great political and economic partnership. This move culminated in the establishment of the European Defence Agency (EDA), with Slovakia being one of its member states.

To promote defence equipment and services exports and to improve the coordination, decision-making process and promotion there of abroad, the Economy Ministry, in cooperation with the Slovak Defence Industry Association and the Slovak Defence Ministry, has played a role in collecting and publishing the profiles of Slovakia's highly competitive defence industry products. The defence catalogue will be used by consular officers, foreign trade advisors and ministry clerks for forging potential cooperation links between the Slovak Defence Industry Association and foreign partners.

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DAY 1, Wednesday, May 14, 2014
DAY 2, Thursday, May 15 2014
DAY 3, Friday May 16, 2014
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IDEB 2014 Official Show Daily News
International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava
Official Online Show Daily News IDEB 2014
IDEB 2014 News
International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava
News IDEB 2014
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IDEB 2014 International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava, Slovakia.
Pictures and video available before May 14, 2014.
IDEB 2014 pictures
IDEB 2014 pictures
International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava
from Army Recognition team
available before May 14, 2014.
IDEB 2014 Video
IDEB 2014 Video
International Defence Exhibition of Bratislava
from Army Recognition team
available before May 14, 2014.
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