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International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2013
International Defence Exhibition & Conference
FIVE, Farnborough, United Kingdom
5 - 8 February 2013

About International Armoured Vehicles (IAV)

International Armoured Vehicles is the world’s premier forum dedicated to the armoured vehicles community, returning to Five@Farnborough from 5-8 February 2013. This year, IAVs will once again bring you high-level conference, combined with a focused exhibition hall to provide you with a unique learning and networking experience.

The conference segment of International Armoured Vehicles features an unprecedented speaker faculty of 50+ senior government officers and international flag offers from 47 military nations across 6 continents. Amongst the prestigious speakers are Lieutenant General Jonathan Page, Commander FDT, UK MoD, Lieutenant General Bruno Clément-Bollée , Commander Land Forces, French Army, Lieutenant General David Halverson, Deputy Commander TRADOC, Major General Andrew Sharpe OBE, DG DCDC UK Ministry of Defence and Fleet Admiral Marco Antonio Guimaraes, General Commandant of the Brazilian Marine Corps.

The full programme is available for free download on http://bit.ly/TCgCZi.

International armoured Vehicles 2013
The 2013 International Armoured Vehicles Exhibition Hall will feature 80 of the world’s top defence companies, including key OEMs and vehicle manufacturers such as IVECO, Renult Track Defense, RUAG and Nexter, as well as a large range of SMEs, system and component manufacturers and smaller specialist suppliers. Featuring a Live Vehicle Test Track, a vibrant Vehicle Display (13 vehicles so far, with 15 live vehicles expected), a Live Simulation Experience and an intense Innovation Stage Agenda, the 2013 exhibition will create an unprecedented level of interaction and networking opportunity for all visitors.

Visitors can apply for FREE Exhibition Pass to attend the 2-day exhibition, which features 24 Innovation Stage sessions led by 12+ technical experts from select prime contractors and vehicle manufacturers (including Universal Engineering, ViaSat and Raydon), as well as an exclusive live Simulation experience – at no charge.

Applications for free exhibition passes are now available until January 2012 online at http://bit.ly/SGbqWQ.

Further, for 2013 only, International Armoured Vehicles is proud to launch the Live Dynamic Vehicle Experience at the Long Valley Test Track for vehicle manufacturers to showcase their products to their military guests in an “immersion” setting, with each track running a duration of anywhere from 15-30 minutes at a time


The Exhibition

Apply for your Free Visitor Pass to the Exhibition Hall today: http://apply for your free visitor pass

Applt for free exhibition pass IAV 2013 International Armoured Vehicles
Hear from Armoured Vehicles Programme Managers and their Decision Making Teams
The Innovation Stage will be featuring 24 sessions focussing on 8 major themes, led by technical experts from select OEMs and vehicles manufacturers including
• ViaSat
• Universal Advanced Systems
• Raydon Corporation
• Barco Defense & Aerospace
• Ares Security Vevhicles
• NGRAIN Solutions.
• And more…

View the Innovation Stage Agenda here: http://bit.ly/TCiv8g.

The Innovation Stage is located at the heart of the exhibition, and is absolutely free for all attendees. Register your FREE Visitor Pass online at http://bit.ly/SGbqWQ.

What's New at the IAVs 2013 Exhibition?

Live Vehicle Test Track
IAVs is proud to host the Dynamic Vehicle Experience at the Long Valley Test Track, exclusive to test track exhibitors and invited military personnel.

It’s an ideal opportunity for programme managers and budget holders to not only hear about or see a sponsor’s vehicles, but to experience vehicle capabilities on a test track designed with different terrians and obstacles – A more enjoyable way to get one-on-one networking time with your clients.

Key features of the track include different available routes (ie Alpine Track) and obstacles (Rough Going, Sinusoidal Waves, Deep Wade), all of which have an estimated duration of at least 15 minutes each. 200 sqm welcome sites are provided at the start and finish points, with space for test track exhibitor hospitality stands.

Simulation Focus and Live Simulation Experience
IAVs is delighted to provide all the visitors the Live Simulation Experience at the 2013 Exhibition hall. Visitors now can drive a VBS2 environments Simulator to enjoy an ‘adventure journey’ on:
- Portable 180 degree spherical screen
- High frequency and low frequency motion options
- The worlds first variable position cockpit, can accommodate all flight or vehicle control options or can be changed for an alternative real life cockpit
- Full plug and play packages including 3 or 7 million pixel image options

Apart from that, a fully interactive maintenance simulator is open to all visitors for trails. If you would like to gain more direct insights on the latest simulation technologies and solutions, sit in the Simulation sessions at the Innovations Stage on Day One, featuring presentations from:
- Don Ariel, Founder and Owner, Raydon Corporation
- Keith Pollock, Senior Director, Global Channel & Strategic Partnerships, NGRAIN Solutions
- Collin Hillier, Technical Director VBS2, Bohemia Interactive

Want to find out more about the innovation sessions? View the Innovation Stage Agenda here: http://bit.ly/TCiv8g.
15 Vehicles on Display
In 2013, IAVs is bringing 15 vehicles in the exhibition hall, 4 more than last year. You can expect to see the live vehicle demonstrations from JCB, Renault Trucks Defense, EKA, Rheinmetall Chempro, Streit Group, Ares Security Vehicles, IAG, Universal Engineering, IVECO and more.

(A note for editor: please feature 3 images of vehicles from Ares, IVECO and JCB, as well as list the logos of other sponsors who will bring their vehicles, including Renault Trucks Defense, EKA, Rheinmetall Chempro, Streit Group, IAG and Universal Engineering. You can find the images for the 3 vehicles save in Vehicles on Display.zip and the logos for other vehicle exhibitors saved in Sponsors will bring vehicles.zip)

Want to find out which requirements and capabilities OEMs are looking for? Make sure you get ahead of the learning curve with:

• Direct insight into upcoming vehicle programmes and requirements for key OEMs
• Understanding of the procurement criteria being set by industry leaders for new subsystems and products
• Showcase the innovation technologies currently being conducted for the market
• Raise awareness of your brand among the market leaders
• Demonstrate your thought leadership in the development of innovative new products
• Explore new opportunities to enter emerging markets
• Respond directly to the concerns presented by key system integrators and OEMs on stage, and show how your product takes into account their key challenges
• Ensure that your face is known within the community, to best take advantage of the networking opportunities within the exhibition

International armoured Vehicles 2013 Official Website
The International Armoured Vehicles 2013 official website offers complete information on the conference and exhibition, as well as free resources on armoured vehicles, C-IED, Through Life Support, C4I, post-Afghanistan battle spaces, vehicle survivability, requirements and more.
Press Registration at this link: http://PressRegistration
The website also provides easy registration options for the conference, as well as the free visitor pass.
Visit the website online at www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com
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IAV 2013 Conference Program Back Menu
DAY 1:
C-IED Pre-Conference Focus Day
Download the full programme: http://bit.ly/TCgCZi.

Rationale: Recent operational feedback from Afghanistan is tremendously useful, but we need to know what are the conflicts and threats which will challenge forces next? If we look to the non-expeditionary scenarios world-wide, they provide a stark reflection of the importance of maintaining investment in C-IED technology and crucial opportunities for technology providers in emerging markets.

In 2013, we're dedicating an entire pre-conference focus day to review the most relevant case studies from Afghanistan, extract the most critical lessons learned, and see how they can be applied to emerging markets such as Colombia and Nigeria who are actively searching for solutions to their own IED threat.

To lead sessions on future priorities, current operational impact, challenges and potential solutions being put into action, we've confirmed C-IED technology experts including:

• Major General Rubén Darío Alzate Mora, Extraordinary Resources Director (COEJC), Head of Land – Materiel & Commander of the 1st Army,Colombian Army
• Commander Abdulrazaq Olapeju Kazeem, Commander Nigerian Army Headquarters Bomb Disposal Squadron, Nigerian Army
• Robert Shaw, Head of C-IED Training, NATO ISAF
• Major Steel Holm Iversen, Chief for Lessons Learned Branch, Danish Army Combat Center, Danish Army
• Martin Hagström, Deputy Research Director C-IEDs, FOI, Swedish DoD
• Krzysztof Bugajewski, C-IED Team Lead & Coordinator, Polish Ministry of Defence

Pre-Conference Industry Day: Emerging Technologies and Requirements
Download the full programme: http://bit.ly/TCgCZi.

Top Benefits:
• Gain direct insight on the latest industry requirements and technological developments
• Discover the types of emerging technological requirements the prime contractors will have over the next five years

Key Speakers include:
• Lieutenant General (ret) Andrew Graham, Head of Doctrine and Strategic Analysis, GDUK & Technical Project Team
• Nicolas de la Rue du Can, Director Strategy, Renault Trucks Defence
• Colonel Mohammad Al Arajneh, Evaluation and Test Centre Manager, KADDB
• Andrew Simpson, Technical Director, IVECO Defence Vehicles
• Mark Knoth, Director of Engineering, Textron Marine & Land Systems
• Michael Leeming, Director, JCB Government & Defence

DAY 2:
Main Conference Day One
Download the full programme: http://bit.ly/TCgCZi.
Featured Session: G6 Industry Panel
Showcasing original vehicle manufacturer expertise and building on last year’s success, the 2nd G6 Industry Leaders Strategy Debate will bring again 6 senior representatives from leading OEMs and prime manufacturers to address the priorities and challenges for future vehicle developments.

This year’s elite panel features:
• General Dynamics UK
• Lockheed Martin UK
• Nexter
• Renault Trucks Defense
• Textron Marine and Land Systems

Featured Streams on Day One: Situational Awareness and MBT Digital Upgrade & Modifications

Main Conference Day One Keynote Speakers include:
• Lieutenant General David Halverson, Deputy Commander TRADOC, US Army
Lieutenant General Bruno Clément-Bollée, Commander Land Forces, French Army
• Fleet Admiral Marco Antonio Guimaraes, General Commandant of the Brazilian Marine Corps
• Lieutenant General Dalbir Singh Sidhu (ret October 2012), Former DG Mechanised Forces, Indian Army
Major General Andrew R. D. Sharpe OBE, DG DCDC, UK MoD
• SES Dr. Mahbub Hoque, Acting Director CERDEC, RDECOM, US DoD
• Major General Topply M Lubaya, Chief of Staff, Zambian Army

Speakers from:
• US Army
• UK MoD
• Brazilian Marine Corps
• French Army
• US DoD
• Zambian Army
• German Ministry of Defence
• Polish Army
• French MoD
• Indian Army
• Nexter Systems
• UralVagonZavod
• Renault

View the full speaker list: http://bit.ly/11TSAyf.

DAY 3:
Main Conference Day Two

• IFVs
• Simulation

Speakers from:
• US Army
• UK MoD
• US DoD
• Australian DoD
• Australian DoD
• Norwegian DoD
• SSM Turkish MoD
• SAAB Barracuda
• VBS2
• UralVagonZavod
• Aselsan MGEO division
• NRC Canada
• IVECO Defence Vehicles

Download the full programme: http://bit.ly/TCgCZi

DAY 4:
Future Survivability Post- Conference Focus Day
Download the full programme: http://bit.ly/TCgCZi.

To discover future armour and protected mobility requirements in the UK, Sweden, US, Czech Republic as well as in Southeast Asia such as Georgia and Malaysia.

Key Speakers include:
• Brigadier General Andrew G. Hughes, Director Combat Capability, Army HQ, UK MoD
• Brigadier General Stefan Andersson, Deputy Commander, Swedish Army
• Major Brian Corbett, LdSH(RC), SO2 Coord, Armoured Trials & Development Unit, DE&S, UK MoD
• Major Irakli Uchade, Deputy Commander G5, Georgian Ministry of Defense
• Yazin Ahmad, Military Vehicles Programme Manager, STRIDE, Malaysian Ministry of Defense
• Colonel Gary Nicoson, TRADOC Capability Manager, US Army
• Colonel Laco Jung, Director Force Development Division – Operations Section, Czech MoD

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