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Future Artillery 2012
10th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition
Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London, UK
27 - 29 March 2012

Defence IQ’s Future Artillery

Defence IQ's flagship Future Artillery conference annually welcomes to London over 200 leading field artillery personnel and industry teams from 25+ countries. Now in its 10th anniversary year, it is widely regarded as the most influential and best-attended indirect fires conference in the world, providing the defence community with the latest technological updates, crucial operational feedback and candid debate on future capabilities.

Future Artillery 2012 is the unrivalled forum for Heads of Artillery, Programme Managers and Industry experts to network and share in discussions on improving accuracy, developing joint fires and cost-effectively modernising the artillery to map the strategic future direction across the indirect fires landscape.

About Future Artillery 2012
Widely recognised as the most prestigious, best attended and world leading indirect fire conference, Future Artillery has been proud to serve the defence community since 2003, providing the most authoritative view of the future vision of artillery forces globally, as well as showcasing the most innovative technological solutions including Excalibur, M777, PGK, PZH2000, CAESAR, GMLRS, ARTHUR, Watchkeeper and many more.

Future Artillery provides an unrivalled market view of the future direction of artillery, allowing delegates to engage with fellow experts, build new partnerships and gain new contacts from around the world. Discover the latest technological solutions in artillery modernisation, receive first-hand insight into lessons learned in operations, and engage in candid debate to get to the heart of key issues impacting the artillery, from precision and C4ISR to target acquisition and surveillance.

Top sessions for 2012 include:

• Royal Artillery Future Vision - Hear top-level insights from Colonel John Musgrave, new Assistant Director for Equipment Capability as he reveals the new procurement structure of the RA and key investment priorities towards 2022+
• Philippines Debut Address - We are pleased to welcome to address the conference for the first time the Philippine Marine Corps and Philippine Army, providing unique insights into operational demands, requirements and future plans
• Interactive Round Table Discussions - New for 2012 following delegate feedback, these small group discussions will provide you with dedicated time to debate core issues impacting the community, ensuring you get your questions answered and leave armed with new ideas to take forward your programmes

Register your delegate place today at www.future-artillery.com

Future Artillery India
New Delhi , India
26 - 28 June 2012
Future Artillery India
Expanding the conference series to explore artillery modernisation and future indirect firepower for the Indian Armed Forces.
Building upon the success of the flagship Future Artillery conference in London, Defence IQ introduced the first annual Future Artillery India conference in June 2011.

Future Artillery India focuses exclusively on the Indian Defence Community as it undergoes one of the largest artillery modernization programmes in the world. Indian Generals from the Directorate of Artillery, Indian Ministry of Defence and associated laboratories provide delegates with detailed, high-level briefs on current capabilities and their specific plans for modernisation. They are joined by senior artillery commanders from around the world to discuss the latest advances in doctrine, strategy and operational feedback from the front line.

Designed to bring you exclusive insight into India’s defence industry and the requirements of the country’s artillery forces, the event is also an opportunity to network with key decision makers, senior representatives of the defence industry and some of the foremost artillery experts from around the world.
Key topics discussed include:

• The Necessity for Indian Armed Forces Artillery Modernization: The Current Threat and How to Counter it
• Revolutionising the Indian Armed Forces' Artillery Capability Over the next 15-20 Years: The Strategy for Modernization
• Improving Efficiency and Reducing the Time Taken to Procure New Artillery Systems: The Impact of the Revised DPP 2008
• Developing a Longer Range, Precision Capability to Reduce Collateral Damage and Increase Lethality
Don't miss this opportunity to gain insight into one of the world's largest artillery modernization programmes, as well as explore the latest technological and operational developments in precision munitions, C-RAM and Surveillance and Target Acquisition.
Register online today at www.futureartilleryindia.com
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DAY 1, Tuesday 27 March 2012

08:30 - 16.00

This unique forum brings together leading experts to examine the future direction of precision weaponry for the artillery, and, for the first time, the equipment requirements for Forward Observers.
Key questions being debated include:
• What are the target geo-location equipment requirements of forward observers?
• How can Command & Control Systems be upgraded to improve the speed of information and increase targeting accuracy?
• What laser designator and range finder requirements will joint fires have over the next five years?
• How can you improve the accuracy of precision munitions in proximity to forward observers?
• How can capabilities be developed to enable engagement of moving targets?

Download the full conference programme
DAY 2, Wednesday 28 March 2012

08:30 - 18:10

The first full day of the conference will feature briefings from:

• Colonel John Musgrave, Assistant Director Capability, HQ Director Royal Artillery, British Army
• Lieutenant Colonel Ferdinand Almoite, Artillery Commander, Philippine Marine Corps
• Colonel Douglas Thomas, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Artillery Detachment Fort Sill, US Marine Corps

Download the full conference programme
DAY 3, Thursday 29 March 2012

10:00 - 17:10

Join us on Conference Day Two for a keynote presentation from Brigadier Richard Haldenby, Commander Royal Artillery, British Army, as well as interactive round table discussions on:

• Managing the pressures on Forward Observers
• Exploring force protection and base ISTAR as a new capability for artillery forces
• Tackling the cyber and EW threat to artillery systems
• Advancing air land integration for effective delivery of joint fires
• Achieving pinpoint accuracy in target acquisition to support the use of precision weapons

Download the full conference programme

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