USA supplied 24 Humvees to Kosovo security forces

24 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs) have been delivered by the United States to the Security Forces of Kosovo, Pristina-based RTK2 reported. It is expected that they will be later put at the disposal of the (future) Kosovo army. The report forwarded by B92 recalled that, in July, the government of Kosovo signed a contract to buy 51 such vehicles.

USA supplied 24 Humvees to Kosovo
24 of the 51 Humvees ordered by Kosovo have been delivered in Pristina (Picture source: Twitter account of Philip S. Kosnett, U.S. ambassor to Kosovo)

The handover ceremony at a Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) barrack was attended by high ranking local officials and those from the US embassy. The session of the Kosovo Assembly, whose agenda will contain the formation of the so-called Kosovo army, is scheduled for December 14. According to RTK2 on the eve of that session, Assembly President Kadri Veseli will visit the United States.

The US ambassador to Pristina said last week that Washington has been "consistently supporting the development of the KSF and their transformation into the armed forces" and that this would be "a positive step."  Also last week, Belgrade press reported that a shipment of US weapons was on its way to Kosovo.