Pakistan interested in Chinese air defense systems purchase

Pakistan is reportedly interested in purchasing more Chinese surface-to-air missiles. On December 6, 2018, the Times of Islamabad reported, citing TASS, that the Pakistani army is looking to buy three or four FD-2000 surface-to-air missile systems from China.

Pakistan interested in Chinese air defense systems purchase
Chinese FD-200 surface-to-air missile system, export  version of the HQ-9 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Reportedly, a source in the Pakistani Ministry of Defense Production discussed the plans but there is no official confirmation of the news. The source did not indicate whether the two sides are in active negotiations on the topic. Financial details on the potential sale have not been disclosed.

Quwa Defence News & Analysis Group, which specializes in covering the Pakistani military, noted in an analysis that Chinese-made systems have been the Pakistani Army's preference, despite stated interest in the surface-to-air missile systems on offer by other suppliers, such as Russia.

The Pakistani military has procured a number of different Chinese-made missile systems in recent years. In March 2017, the Army inducted the LY-80 into service. Acquiring the FD-2000 would help extend the range of Pakistan's air-defense network. According to Army Recognition, the FD-2000 carries a maximum range of 125 kilometers.

The FD-2000 (export version of HQ-9) is an advanced long-range air defense missile weapon system designed and manufactured by the Chinese Defense Company CPMIEC (China Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation). It can perform air-defense engagement mission in massive air raid under intense electronic jamming. It can intercept not only aircraft, armed helicopters and UAVs, but also cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and stand-off precision guided bombs. With two-level of command and control capability, it can command other air defense weapons to form a layered of defense system. The FD-2000 was unveiled for the first time to the public at the 8th Zhuhai Airshow in 2012. The export version of HQ-9 provides extra anti-stealth capability by incorporating YLC-20 passive sensor as an option.