Russian military base in Armenia started learning to operate the Orlan-10 modern UAV systems TASS 41512152

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Russian military base in Armenia started learning to operate the Orlan-10 modern UAV systems
The Russian military base in Armenia has started learning to operate new Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a Southern Military District spokesman told TASS on Tuesday. "The military base’s UAV units have started learning to operate modern Russian-made Orlan-10 systems at the high mountainous Kamkhud training range. The systems were made operational in October," the spokesman said.
Russian military base in Armenia started learning to operate the Orlan 10 modern UAV systems 640 001Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle
According to the Southern Military District spokesman, "servicemen who have undergone retraining at the unmanned aerial vehicle training center in the Moscow Region and passed theoretical tests of their knowledge of the UAVs’ technical characteristics and operational rules have been allowed to operate them".

According to the spokesman, "reconnaissance units will use Orlan-10 UAVs for the first time to track extended and point targets in high mountainous areas".

"The UAVs will be also involved in combat training of the military base’s units," the spokesman added.

"The military base’s servicemen will also learn to deploy the Navodchik-2 reconnaissance system, prepare it for launching, use the catapult for aircraft takeoff and landing and accomplish various tasks in the air," the spokesman said.

The modern Navodchik-2 and Orlan-10 systems "will boost the volume of tasks being accomplished in high mountainous areas in Armenia in the interests of reconnaissance and special units by five times," the Southern Military District’s spokesman said.

The current winter training session "will involve all types of UAVs to conduct reconnaissance, detect, identify and track ground targets during tactical and special exercises at high mountainous training ranges," the spokesman said.

The Orlan-10 UAV has a take-off weight of 14 kilograms and a payload mass of up to five kilograms. The UAV is equipped with a camera, a gyro-stabilized television camera and an infrared imager.

The Orlan-10 UAV has a cruising speed of 90-150 km/h (56-93 mph), an operational ceiling of 5,000 meters, flight endurance of 16 hours and a range of up to 120 kilometers (74.6 miles) from the ground control post and up to 600 kilometers (372.8 miles) in the self-contained operational mode.

The Orlan-10 UAV is equipped with a combustion engine. The UAV takes off using a collapsible catapult and lands by parachute.
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