Poland signed a $273 million order for the Poprad short-range air defence systems 42212151

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Poland signed a $273 million order for the Poprad short-range air defence systems
Poland is to field a short-range, self-propelled air defense system in 2018 from the country's PIT-RADWAR company according to Defense24. The contract was signed on 16 December for the delivery of 79 SPZR Poprad VSHORAD systems and a training package.
Poland signed a 273 million order for the Proprad short range air defence systems 640 001SPZR Poprad VSHORAD air defense system - (PIT-RADWAR picture)

The Poprad VSHORAD anti-aircraft system features an AMZ-Kutno Zubr-P armored armed with 4 Grom short-range missiles, launchers, electro-optical sight equipped with visible spectrum and thermal vision cameras, and a laser rangefinder.

Four additional missiles are carried in a transporter attached to each system. The missiles have a range of as much as 3.4 miles and can strike targets flying at altitudes up to 11,482 feet.

Poland's Armament Inspectorate said the Grom missiles will later be replaced with Piorun missiles for extended range, the news site said.

A total of 79 systems, worth about $270.4 million, have been ordered from PIT-RADWAR. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2017 or 2018.

Present plans call for three Poprad platoons to be integrated into the Army's air defense units. Remaining platforms will be distributed among mechanized and armored units, the report said.

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