Nexter & Hydrema signed agreement for Danish armored personnel carrier replacement program 1612145


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Tuesday, December 16, 2014 05:24 PM
Nexter & Hydrema signed agreement for Danish armored personnel carrier replacement program.
In the presence of the French Ambassador to Denmark, M. François Zimeray, Philippe Burtin, CEO of Nexter, and Jan Werner Jensen, CEO of Hydrema signed today a partnership agreement concerning the Danish Armoured Personnel Carrier replacement program (APC-R), strongly confirming Nexter’s declared commitment to industrial cooperation with Denmark.

Under this partnership agreement, Nexter will support Hydrema in the set-up and operation of a “state-of-the-art” production line in its Støvring facility, where the final assembly and integration of the Danish VBCI will be performed, should the latter be selected by DALO to fulfill its APC-R requirement. Under an existing agreement, Hydrema will also perform the in-country logistic support of Nexter’s CAESAR® self-propelled howitzer in the event that CAESAR® is selected by DALO as part of its on-going artillery competition.

In addition to this key partnership with Hydrema, Nexter’s industrial cooperation efforts in Denmark already resulted in close to 40 Danish companies being pre-selected as suppliers or having already been integrated into Nexter’s global supply chain. TenCate, Prodan, AKS, Multicut, Linak, and Weibel, to name a few, have already been awarded contracts in 2014 for programmes outside of Denmark.

The total value of the transfer of production and technology to Hydrema has been pre-approved by the Danish Business Authority. Nexter is confident that, should VBCI be selected, it will fulfill more than 60% of its potential offset obligation through “direct” project activities.