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ZLC2000 WZ506 Armoured infantry fighting combat vehicle
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The ZLC2000 (industrial designation: WZ506) is the airborne infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) developed by NORINCO for the PLA airborne forces. The vehicle is capable of air dropping using multiple parachutes from medium or large transport aircraft. The vehicle has been in service with the PLAAF Airborne Corps since 2003, and was spotted during the ‘Peace Mission 2005’ China-Russia joint exercise. The deployment of the ZLC2000 has greatly enhanced the offensive capability of the PLA airborne forces. Despite the speculations that the vehicle might be a copy of the Russian BMD-3, close examinations of the vehicle indicated that it is in fact a new design with different hull layout and weapon system. The Chinese 30mm cannon differs to the Russian design used by the BMD-3. It is possible, however, that the vehicle contains certain Russian technologies, particularly the multiple parachute air dropping system. It was reported that the vehicle was made in at least three versions: command and control, IFV, and ATGM carrier. The command and control version features a higher rear hull to accommodate staffs.
Variants :
Command post:the back side is more higher, for a command post installation
Anti-tank: with anti-tank missile HJ-8
Technical Data 
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The IFV model is fitted with a one-person turret armed with a 30 mm dual-feed cannon, 7.62 mm coaxial Machine Gun (MG) and a roof-mounted Red Arrow Type 73C Anti-Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) with an enhanced guidance system. The ATGW has a maximum range of 3,000 m and latest versions of the missile can be fitted with various types of warhead.This turret has already been marketed by NORINCO under the name of Red Arrow 73 Missile/30 mm Gun Combined Turret Weapon Module (GCTWM). This has 350 rounds of ready use. There are two sets of three-barrel smoke grenade on each side of the turret.
The vehicle’s armour protection is limited by its weight restrictions for air dropping. With a combat weight of 8 tonnes, the vehicle’s armour is supposed to be thin and can only resist small calibre weapons. the overall layout of the AAV ZLC 2000 is conventional, with the driver seated front-left and diesel power pack to the right, one-person turret in the centre and the troop compartment at the rear.The driver is provided with a single-piece circular hatch cover that opens to the left and to the front are day periscopes. The centre one can be replaced by a passive vision device for night driving.
The power pack is installed at the front right of the vehicle and the driver’s hatch at the front left, directly in front of the commander’s hatch which mounts an optical sight with night vision input. The vehicle has five unevenly spaced road wheels on each side, with three track support rollers, a front drive sprocket and a rear idler. The suspension is of a hydro-pneumatic type and can be adjusted to suit the type of terrain being crossed. During the air dropping, the tracks of the vehicle was retracted to the minimum position to reduce the impact during landing.
The vehicle is possibly fully amphibious, propelled through water by its tracks. The vehicle can be air-dropped from transport aircraft such as IL-76MD without a pallet. Each IL-76MD can carry up to three vehicles. The vehicle crews and passengers are dropped separately from the passenger hatches of the aircraft.
One 30mm cannon; one coaxial 7.62mm machine gun; one HJ-73 ATGM launcher (3 missiles)
Country user
Company Designer
GPS, NBC protection system, Nigh/Day driving vision.
Protection against small weapons
8.000 kg
68 km/h
600 km
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