BIDEC 2019: Otokar to exhibit its COBRA II, URAL and ARMA 6x6

Otokar, Turkey’s leading land defence systems company, participates in Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference (BIDEC) 2019, on October 28-30, 2019 in Bahrain. During the exhibition, Otokar showcases its worldwide known military vehicles COBRA II, URAL and ARMA 6x6.

BIDEC 2019 Otokar to exhibit its COBRA II URAL and ARMA 6x6 925 001
Otokar COBRA II (Picture source: Otokar)

Otokar, a Koç Group company, whose military vehicles operate with more than 55 different end users all over the world, participates in BIDEC 2019 with its worldwide known military vehicles. During the exhibition, Otokar’s COBRA II Medical Evacuation Vehicle, URAL 4x4 Armoured Personnel Carrier and ARMA 6x6 Armoured Personnel Carrier are displayed at its stand. Visitors of Otokar stand will also have the opportunity to get detailed information about Otokar’s wide range of military vehicles and turret systems.

Pointing out Otokar’s broad land systems product range from 4x4 to 8x8, and from tracked armoured vehicles to turret systems, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said, “With the armoured vehicles we develop using next-generation technologies, we primarily target to meet the needs and expectations of our users considering present and future threats. In the last 10 years, we have allocated 8.5 per cent of our revenues for our R&D activities. Our combat-proven vehicles are actively used in conflict zones in very different geographies and extreme climatic conditions. Currently, more than 32 thousand Otokar vehicles are operated in over 35 countries, one of which is Bahrain. We are very proud to be here and meet with our clients in BIDEC, again.”

Emphasizing Otokar's strong presence in the Gulf region, Görgüç continued: "GCC countries are particularly important for Otokar. Different types of Otokar military vehicles are successfully serving the requirements in the region with different users since the early 2000s. Otokar is no longer a supplier in the region but also stands out as an investor establishing engineering and manufacturing capabilities. With the establishment of Otokar Land Systems in 2016, we became much closer to our present and potential users. We aim at extending collaborations in the region and also look for new opportunities.”

“COBRA II mine-protected armoured medical evacuation vehicle” is a version of the modular COBRA II multi-purpose platform adaptable for different missions. COBRA II medical evacuation vehicle, designed to provide high terrain capabilities with mine and ballistic protection, is intended to carry out various types of medical interventions expected from a standard medical evacuation vehicle. COBRA II medical evacuation vehicle can deliver high performance even on the desert, arctic, mountain, jungle and urban environment and enter into the heart of combat fields to evacuate wounded personnel and carry out the emergency medical intervention in high treat environment. In order to serve as a medevac vehicle, the height and width of the standard COBRA II were increased for the mission, creating more internal volume. The rear door was specially designed as a ramp door for ease of ingress and egress

Several functions related to the ambulance capabilities of the vehicle can be controlled by medical personnel in backwards sitting jump seat while the front and rear compartments can be isolated from each other when needed. COBRA II medical evacuation vehicle’s patient layout is for 3 patients either as ‘2 sitting and 1 on stretcher’ or ‘2 on stretchers’ which can be configured by the crew. Except for patients, the vehicle has space for a driver, commander and medical personnel in each version.

URAL has been designed to meet the current and future requirements of its users. Featuring outstanding mobility and high level of protection, URAL has been designed to meet paramilitary users' needs for high-capacity armoured vehicle, also taking into account driving and personnel comfort. The specially developed suspension allows high level of comfort for the personnel, while offering the driver easy and ergonomic drive. Featuring five doors and different layouts, URAL offers fast and easy access in an out of the vehicle, and ergonomic internal volume.

Otokar’s multi-wheeled modular armoured vehicle ARMA 6x6 serves successfully in Bahrain. ARMA 6x6 offers superior mobility, high mine and ballistic protection, as well as medium and high-calibre weapon system integration options. Offering high tactical and technical capabilities, ARMA comes with an optional amphibious version for operations in the most demanding terrain and climate conditions. ARMA 6x6 stands out especially with its high payload capacity and large internal volume. ARMA can be equipped with different weapons and turret according to the needs. The ARMA family can be used for different missions as an armoured personnel carrier, armoured combat vehicle, command control, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle while different weapon systems can be integrated into the vehicle.