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The Benin Armed Forces (FAB) constitutes the army, navy, air force, and national gendarmerie of Benin. For a number of years, the Belgian Armed Forces have had an active programme of co-operation with Benin, offering training and coaching, donating redundant military equipment and using the county for limited military exercises. The total active manpower of Beninese army is around 8,000 military personnel.
The Land Forces of Beninese army is 6,800 soldiers with the structure:
- 4 Rapid Intervention Units: 1st commando parachute battalion, 1st motorised battalion, 1st armoured group, national fire brigade group,
- 5 inter-arms battalion
- 6 support and combat support units: 1st artillery battalion, 1st engineer battalion, 1st signal battalion, 1st material battalion, 1st logistic battalion and 1 HQ group.

Benin military equipment and vehicles of Beninese Army