AUSA 2017: Roboteam unveils its new UGV: the TIGR

At AUSA 2017, the largest landpower exposition in North America taking place from 9-11 October in Washington DC, Roboteam unveils its new UGV: the TIGR - Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot.

AUSA 2017 Roboteam unveils its new UGV the TIGR 925 002 The Roboteam TIGR - Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot at AUSA 2017

The Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot (TIGR) is a medium-sized, two-man carried UGV. The TIGR is a highly mobile, all weather system capable of operating in any terrain. TIGR incorporates best-in-class day and night vision modules that expedite IED search and CBRN survey operations. The Two-meter reach of the DOF manipulator allows the TIGR to effectively search and access a variety of environments, facilitating EOD render safe operations in critical situations.

The TIGR's modular design ensures that the most advanced manipulators, CBRN and EOD payloads can be eployed now and in the future. TIGR's innovative design and integrated technology maximizes safe stand-off distances, accelerates mission completion and keeps warfighters and first responders out of harm's way.

The TIGR has been designed to meet different types of missions'requirements. Main applications are: Reconnaissance & surveillance, CIED, EOD, CBRN detection, Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) incidents, subterrean and culvert inspection.

Roboteam is a leading global provider of tactical ground robotic systems. Based in Maryland US, a team of highly experienced veterans leads the design, development, production and delivery of high performance tactical ground robots to reliably support troops and keep them safe.