AUSA 2017 FLIR Systems Unveils Lightweight Vehicle Surveillance System

Today, FLIR announced the release of the FLIR Lightweight Vehicle Surveillance System (LVSS) at AUSA 2017 in Washington D.C. Designed as a removable, skid-based, mobile surveillance solution, the FLIR LVSS™ mounts in the bed of a standard commercial pickup truck, converting it into a rapidly deployable, yet covert surveillance command and control center for border security, coastal surveillance missions and force protection.

FLIR LVSS AUSA 2017 news The new FLIR LVSS Skid-Based, Mobile System Designed for Rapid Deployment and Covert Surveillance. FLIR picture.

The FLIR LVSS integrates a TacFLIR 280-HD® or TacFLIR 380-HD® multi-spectral high-definition imaging systems (including MWIR, SWIR, EO and EMMCD) for medium to long range identification of potential threats. Also integrated with LVSS is the FLIR Ranger® R20SS or FLIR Ranger® R6SS radar for the ability to detect and identify more than 500 targets at once, and automatically cue the imaging sensor.

Easily deployed and locally operated inside a truck cab, the FLIR LVSS enables users to rapidly establish a command and control capability wherever it is needed. The mobility of the platform and flexibility of the system provides agility to adapt to changing conditions and threats. With a 16-foot mast that can rise above trees and obstacles, the installed sensors create a complete surveillance picture comprised of data, video and geospatial locations to identify and classify potential targets for rapid and decisive action. With the mast stowed in the truck bed, the vehicle provides an inconspicuous solution for operations