Safran Companies Showcase Innovations for U.S. Armed Forces at AUSA 2015

AUSA 2015 news coverage report show daily visitors exhibitors Annual meeting defense exposition exhibition conference Association United States Army October Washington D.C.
AUSA 2015
U.S. Army Annual Meeting & Exposition
12 - 14 October 2015
Washington D.C., United States
Safran Companies Showcase Innovations for U.S. Armed Forces at AUSA 2015
Multiple Safran companies are participating together to the first time as the Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA) Annual Conference in Washington , D.C. from October 12-14,2015. Vectronix Inc., Optics 1, Sagem Avionics, MorphoTrak, and Morpho Detection are all exhibiting at the Vectronix Inc. booth (#2625) under the Safran brand.
SAFRAN Stand MOSKITO AUSA 2015 news SAFRAN stand at AUSA 2015 with the new MOSKITO in the center
Vectronix and its wholly-owned R&D subsidiary, Optics 1, are showcasing its complete range of portable observation and targeting optronics solutions to meet the wide scope of infantry requirements. In addition to its well-known rangefinders (i.e. PLRF25C, VECTOR, MOSKITO, and LRTV), imaging solutions (COTI), and the STERNA non-magnetic north finding orientation system, both companies are also introducing new technologies - notably the new MOSKITO TI and E-COTI. The MOSKITO TI is a lightweight multi-purpose target locator that allows dismounted infantry and special forces mission flexibility and 24-hour situational awareness through the use of its Direct View Optics, Thermal Imager, and Low-Light Imager. The E-COTI improves the capabilities of currently-fielded night vision goggles and can be easily attached to increase threat detection and situational awareness by providing a thermal overlay, navigation, heads-up display, and augmented reality. Vectronix is also displaying Sagem's PASEO a new family of multi-mission optronics tactical electro-optical system for combat vehicles and warships. In its naval version, PASEO ensures short to long-range identification and tracking even in very rough sea conditions with poor visibility.

Safran's exhibit of innovative security solutions from its U.S. based companies are including MorphoWave, the market's first biometric access solution featuring high-speed touchless fingerprint matching and MorphoIDent, a handheld mobile fingerprint identification device that enables real-time identification in the field. Visitors are also learning about MobileTrace, the industry's first simultaneous dual-mode handheld explosives and narcotics trace detection system (ETD) currently deployed at military installations. As a preview, Safran are presenting SourceID, a handheld device for detecting and identifying sources of radioactive emissions scheduled for release in 2016. All these solutions are designed to enhance security, and support various government agencies in their critical missions across the U.S. and abroad.