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Rheinmetall’s Vingmate MR500 showcased at AUSA 2015
Rheinmetall has showcased at AUSA 2015 its latest offer to the US Army for the Grenadier Sighting System program, the Vingmate MR500 fire control system. It is the newest member in the company’s family of fire control devices, complementing the Vingmate 4500 for automatic grenade launchers, the MR800 for grenade launchers and the SL for shoulder-launched weapons, already fielded around the world.
Rheinmetall’s Vingmate MR500 showcased at AUSA 2015
The Vingmate MR500 on a M320 40mm grenade launcher (Source: Rheinmetall Defence)

Vingmate MR500 is used to bring to a minimum the time required to engage a target with a low to medium-velocity 40mm grenade launcher, either under slung or standalone, or with a shoulder-launched rocket, such as the AT4 or the M72 LAW. It features an easy-to-use interface, allowing soldiers to customize it based on their needs and whether they are left or right-handed. It can also support future extended-range munitions and airburst/counter-defilade warheads.

The system is manually adjusted and clipped-on the weapon. It weighs 300 grams making it easy to be carried by one person. Aiming is supported by an infrared target marker and illuminator and power is generated by a CR123 battery. It can store up to 32 ballistic tables, two of which can be selected using a dedicated selector switch. If the user requires it, Vingmate MR500 can communicate with external devices, such as Rheinmetall’s newly developed TAC-Ray clip-on, rifle-mounted, laser rangefinder, which can measure distances of up to 2,000 metres and includes visible and an IR laser pointer and illuminator.