FLIR Systems highlighted its new Recon V multi-sensor thermal binocular system at AUSA 2014

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FLIR Systems at AUSA 2014
Monday, October 20, 2014 03:01 PM
FLIR Systems highlighted its new Recon V multi-sensor thermal binocular system at AUSA 2014
Last week at AUSA 2014 exhibition in Washington, FLIR Systems officially showcased a new innovative product designed for numerous tactical applications. Unlike previous systems that use primarily I2 or uncooled thermal imagers, often limited by range, the new Recon V multi-sensor thermal binocular system uses miniature, cooled thermal imagers, delivering detailed, high definition images from ranges of several kilometres.
FLIR Systems Recon V multi-sensor thermal binocular system at AUSA 2014
The latest member of the field-proven Recon family, the Recon V is a compact, rugged, ultra light-weight multi-sensor thermal binocular designed for field operations that require enhanced imagery and long standoff range, 24/7. The 3-axis MEMS-based electronic stabilization, digital magnetic compass and high definition color video display combine to provide unmatched image quality and flexibility, while operating on readily-available AA Lithium batteries. Its new, simple user interface eliminates multiple buttons and complicated multi-layer menus and makes the Recon V easier to use than ever.

The Recon V primary sensor is a cooled FLIR system integrates a high resolution InSB 640×480 mid-wave IR (MWIR) sensor. The image delivered by the detector is further sharpened by the STACE technology that digitally sharpens, tunes and enhances contrast to maximise the image details definition. The optical assembly uses a x10 zoom, that can move from 2 ° to 20 ° in less than 2 seconds. The system also integrates an eye safe laser rangefinder operating in the 1.54 µm range. The systems’ laser rangefinder can operate at ranges up to 10,000 meters, provide accurate range to target, while target geo location is determined by the system’s computer. It can also accommodate an additional laser pointer, operating at the 852 nm band, for target marking.

Images can be recorded on an SD card, storing at least 1,000 images at high definition. The system can operate continuously for six hours thanks to four Lithium AA batteries.

Recon V compactness and light-weight allows numerous applications: special forces, border patrol, reconnaissance, surveillance, situational awareness and force protection.