Test drive of Rafael's transparent cockpit next generation combat vehicle

RAFAEL’s solution for the future combat fighting vehicle enables two crew members to perform their mission, in a fully protected closed hatch vehicle, with a breakthrough transparent cockpit design, enabling 360 degree situational awareness, using augmented reality for real-time battlefield information and data.

Test drive of Rafaels next generation combat vehicle 925 001
Next generation combat vehicle turned into an easily operated optionally-manned lethal system. (Picture source: Raphael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd)

RAFAEL’s suite for future armored vehicles provides a shared visual language, autonomous mission execution and maneuverability, and Artificial Intelligence to support decision-making. Enabling crew communication without helmets or glasses, it delivers an exceptional user interface. Also functioning as an embedded trainer, it allows cost-effective training even during mission preparation.

Utilizing the most advanced AI algorithms and data fusion, this element enables support for the ongoing decisionmaking process of the optionally-manned vehicle. The system chooses the optimal route for the vehicle; drives the vehicle autonomously along the route; compiles mission plans; detects, identifies and simultaneously manages multiple targets; and enslaves weapons to targets using the Cockpit’s touchscreen. The crew members determine which actions will be performed manually and which will be performed autonomously under their control.

This vehicle embarks a transparent cockpit touchscreen display wich provides a realtime, day-and-night, 360° realistic panoramic view, including Augmented Reality (AR) symbols of relevant battlefield data layers such as targets, Blue Forces, and other POIs. The Cockpit concept allows optimal communication between the crew members without helmets or glasses. A voice interface enables vocal alerts and messages.


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