US Army to field new vehicle protection systems

Colonel Glenn Dean, program manager for the U.S. Army’s Stryker combat vehicle, has said the service intends to integrate new vehicle protection technologies to its combat fleet by 2020, Defense News reports.

US Army to field new vehicle protection systems

Artis LLC's Iron Curtain Active Protection System on a Stryker is no longer a competitor (Photo: US Army)

Dean said in an August 24 interview that selected and new technologies, such as laser warning, will be fielded on the Bradley, Stryker and Abrams fleets, as well as on the future Mobile Protected Fire Power car and Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle. The Army is set to assess other technologies that can counter tank-fired, long-rod kinetic energy penetrators. The Army had already issued a solicitation asking for alternative APS solutions designed to protect the Stryker from incoming projectiles at close ranges — and several companies have publicly thrown their hat in the ring for the opportunity to provide solutions that could meet the Stryker’s active protection needs. The Army determined it needed APS solutions to fill an immediate need while it develops its Modular Active Protection System (MAPS) and suite of Vehicle Protection Systems (VPS).

The service will additionally launch a series of vehicle protection systems programs, the first of which will look into mechanisms that can address visual, infrared, radar, sound and electromagnetic signatures from combat vehicles. “Frankly, we could deploy [the signature management capability program] next year if we were funded right now. [It is] not in the 2019 budget, so we are looking for opportunities,” Dean said.

The Army official added that the vehicle protection system efforts will be implemented before the Modular Active Protection System architecture is prepared for delivery.