Ukraine: Ukroboronprom artillery systems at Independence Day army parade

The enterprises of Ukroboronprom developed a number of advanced systems for a significant increase in the effectiveness of Ukrainian artillery. The latest developments, which can improve the accuracy and efficiency of fire at times, were presented during the solemn events on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine (24 august).

Ukraine Ukroboronprom artillery systems at the Independence Day parade
Ukrainian 1L220UK radar system (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

For the first time, a complex of detection radar was demonstrated: the Ukrainian 1L220UK, from the Zaporizhzhya NPC Iskra. This radar allows to get precise coordinates for strike and correct the artillery fire. The main feature of the 1L220UK is its powerful radar station with digital antenna array, which allows for tens of kilometers to "see" not only shells and rockets, but also mortar shells. This allows, thanks to the digital complex of information processing, to calculate the flight paths of shells and to determine the location of enemy artillery.

Also, for the first time an automated sound-and-sound complex of artillery intelligence "Situation-2" was demonstrated. The production of this complex is currently carried out at the State Enterprise "Lviv State Plant" Lorta ". The automated complex is equipped with high-sensitivity acoustic sensors, which allows you to determine the position of enemy artillery and the location of missiles at distances of several tens of kilometers. Given that the "Position-2" is in passive mode, an opponent cannot fix its work. In addition, the "Position-2" provides data for adjusting the shooting of its own artillery.

Ukraine Ukroboronprom artillery systems at the Independence Day parade 925 001
Ukrainian artillery command post vehicle Obolon-A (Picture source Ukroboronprom)

At the same time, for the processing of all information about the battlefield coming from stations of 1L220UK and "Regulations-2", intelligence data from unmanned aerial vehicles and other sources, Lviv Lorta developed the Obolon-A system. Obolon-A is a complex of automated artillery battery and division management.

This complex plays the role of a "guiding center" for gunners. It is capable of receiving and processing data about dozens of targets and automatically planning fire by distributing targets for destruction. Thanks to the processing speed of a huge array of data coming to the Obolon-A digital systems, the use of special algorithms and secure communications can significantly improve the efficiency of the fire.

Thus, the enterprises of SC Ukroboronprom developed a whole line of products that allow Ukrainian artillery players to get a complete picture of the battlefield, to detect enemy positions in a matter of seconds, and to make precise coordinated strikes.