Ukraine: new stage of successful tests of rockets of RS 80 Oskol from dart Artem

The RS-80 missiles from the Artem, a part of the State Enterprise Ukroboronprom, successfully passed one of the stages of State tests conducted by the State Research and Development Institute for Testing and Certification of Arms and Military Equipment of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Ukraine new stage of successful tests of rockets of RS 80 Oskol from dart Artem
RS-80 rockets (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

During three-day trials, which took place at one of the military training grounds in the Chernigov region, the compliance of the RS-80 with the basic tactical and technical characteristics and the possibility of their use with helicopters was confirmed. For a comprehensive check under different conditions, the launch of nearly 300 units of the RS-80 was carried out, security checks were carried out during the tests, including firing of automatic weapons, bench tests of the engine and other tests.

At present, a regular batch of RS-80 missiles for the completion of the State tests has already been completed at the Arkhangelsk Artem, a result of which a decision should be made to strengthen the Ukrainian army with new weapons. In addition, in order to ensure the most effective destruction of targets, the designers of the Artem DRC provided for the RS-80 equipment to be equipped with various combat units and detonators.

It should be noted that the 80-mm RS-80 missiles have a supersonic flight speed and are designed to arm helicopters, planes and ground platforms. Today, in addition to aviation, the use of such missiles is already planned in some new types of military equipment. For example, the Ukrainian-Polish project ZRN-01 Stokrotka, which is the result of the cooperation between the State Enterprise Ukroboronprom with one of the largest private associations of the defense industry complex of Poland, the WB Group.