Russian company Roselectronika produces special secured computers

Roselectronika Holding of Rostec State Corporation began to assemble special-designation personal computers which are protected from leaks of secret data. The production was launched by Impulse enterprise in St. Petersburg, the holding said.

Roselectronika produce special secured computers 925 001
(Picture source: Rostec )

"Roselectronika Holding launched the production of general and special-designation personal computers of all configurations at Impulse enterprise. It assembles computers by customer technical assignments which meet the requirements of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, check and approve them for operation with secret or classified information," it said.

The customer receives a computer which meets all requirements for state secrets and information security. The holding said the new product has good commercial prospects. "Impulse has a major experience in computer production for domestic needs and is ready to access commercial market," Roselectronika said.

"Our calculations show the cost of a computer assembled by Impulse is 15-30 percent less than competitors offer. Potential customers include state agencies, special departments and the Defense Ministry," it said. The enterprise plans to launch a full production cycle of computers on the basis of Russian Elbrus processors. It will produce chips, engage in final assembly and interface them with imported components.

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