Rostec to create parachute for Russian Ratnik next generation combat system

"The prototype of the new parachute has already passed preliminary tests", said the CEO of Technodinamika Igor Nasenkov. "I am confident that the experience and scientific base of our specialists will allow us to create a system integrated with Ratnik gear following the highest standards".

Rostec to create parachute for Russian Ratnik next generation combat system
D-14 parachute under testing (Picture source: Rostec)

The promising D-14 parachute system that is being created within the Shelest research and development project is not only of interest to the Ministry of Defense. Firefighters of the aerial forest protection service, rescuers from the agencies within the unified aerospace search system and EMERCOM staff can also use it.

The new production line of the Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction that has been opened in Kirzhach today will increase the production of domestic parachute systems threefold — to over 2,000 units per year. The enterprise will produce all major types of parachute systems: freight, special, ammunition, brake, space, human and others, including with a large canopy area over 1,000 m². The design of the parachute allows more precise regulation of the descent rate. A flatter canopy allows better control of the horizontal speed.

Rostec is working on a parachute system integrated with promising Ratnik gear. The news was announced by CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov during the opening ceremony for the new parachute equipment manufacturing complex in Kirzhach. The R&D work within the State Corporation is prepared by the Scientific Research Institute of Parachute Construction of Technodinamika Holding Company.

The new D-14 parachute system is intended for the personnel of the airborne troops. The product has a minimum canopy area — 87m², which reduces visibility during landing and improves the safety of the fighters. The system uses fabric with varying degrees of air tightness, which improves the overall controllability of the parachute. "The gear of the Russian troops and its requirements are constantly developing. We bundle elements of equipment in a single ecosystem, including the means for landing, which should be as high-tech and convenient as possible. The parachute created for Ratnik considers all features of the equipment. It has a new fastening system, and the maximum load is increased up to 160 kg, making landing with an extensive amount of ammunition possible", said Rostec's CEO Sergeï Chemezov.