Mnemonics contracted by us army for Remote Activation Munition System

According to UPI, Mnemonics has received a $38.3 million contract from the U.S. Army for the Remote Activation Munition System M152/MK152.

Mnemonics contract remote detonation usarmy 925 001
RAMS will allow soldier to get rid of using cable for detonation (Photo by Pfc. Emily Houdershieldt)

Locations and work on the contract, announced by the Department of Defense, will be determined with each order, with the purchase program expected to be completed by August 2021.

RAMS is a radio-controlled system designed to remotely detonate demolition charges. RAMS provides the ability to detonate from a distance without direct wire detonation systems, allowing an improved stand-off capability. The system has a transmitter and two receivers that initiate blasting caps and detonate C4 or other types of explosives. The device allows for signals tests to ensure they are active through an automatic self-test that is built into each module. RAMS weigh slightly over three pounds, with a transmission range of over three miles.